Press Release

Message from Mr. Saurabh Kabra Director- Business Operations on Band to Retail

November 2018

Truvison announces the latest 5.1 Multimedia Speaker TV-5025BT, priced for Rs. 5490/-

August 2018

Truvison unveils its Full HD TW3261 – ‘32-inch TV’ priced only for Rs. 15990/-

July 2018

Truvison introduces the Full HD experience, with its newest, 32inch LED TV TW3263 , priced Rs. 18,490/-

May 2018

Truvison extends its consumer durable segment, introducing TXSF202N Air conditioner with TruAer Technology, priced Rs. 50488/-

March, 2018

Truvison introduces its newest 40inch, Smart LED HD TV, TX408Z, priced for Rs. 34490/-

February, 2018

Truvison announces the newest audio excellence in India with Bluetooth Tower speaker ‘TV-555BT’ at Rs. 14990/-

January, 2018

Truvison unveils its 50inch Full HD LED TV ‘ TW5067″ with Smart Features

December, 2017

Truvison launches its first Digital campaign ” Naye Rishtey” in India

October 2017

Truvison launches new full HD TX407Z Smart TV at an attractive price.

September 2017

Truvison launches its 32inch Smart LED TV ‘ TX3271' with Latest Features

August 2017

Truvison launches its new TX5067 – SMART TV 50 Inch at an attractive price.

Jun 26th, 2017

Truvison appreciates its partnership with distributers in M.P market.

Jun 11th, 2017

Impact of GST on Consumer Durables segment – Insight by Mr. Saurabh Kabra – Director, Truvison

Jun 9th, 2017

Truvison launches its 4K Panoramic Ultra HD TX65100 – 65-inch Smart TV priced for Rs.1,21,990/-

May 23th, 2017

Truvison introduces its ZED series – 3 star AC (1.0 Ton) & (1.5 Ton) with superior TruAer technology priced at Rs.25990/- & Rs. 30990/- respectively

May 11th, 2017

From Cornea to Turbotek to TruAer, the cutting-edge technology crafted to overwhelm the Indian Market

March 20th, 2017

Truvison ties up with EBAI and pledges to work towards spreading awareness of Cornea Technology and Eye Donation.

Jan 24th, 2017

Truvison-Consumer Electronics Major expanding in India

Dec 15th, 2016