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Turbotek, the only technology with thrilling sound by Truvison. Our products produce a high level of sound that could amaze you with its size. It’s one of its kind sound adds impact to all action sequences and brings a rejuvenated power to your music.

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Music System at Best Price in India

Best Tower Speakers in India

Sound quality has always been our top priority when you talk about listening to music or watching TV. Multimedia tower speakers are one of the best types of speakers we offer in any retail or on any online portals. But, what are tower speakers? Now that we have established what tower speakers are, here are some of the benefits you could get once you get tower speakers:
  • Latest style
  • Sound Depth
  • Versatility of sound
  • Slim Design
  • Superior Sound
The latest tower speakers offer you loads of added features. Tower speakers with bluetooth are one of the newest and most widely used type of tower speakers. The best home theater tower speakers complement the design of your home; no matter its size, these speakers are the perfect fit for your television and the value for money factor that most of us look out for. Have a look at Truvison’s offerings for the best tower speaker price. The one added guarantee is that you will definitely not find a price or a product better than this!

Bluetooth Home Theater Speakers

A home theater sound system amplifies the way you watch television or listen to music, giving the added bass, better sound quality, and the best of clarity. Most people today prefer to use the best surround sound speakers with their television for a complete TV viewing experience. Then again, there are a number of home theater sound systems in the market, so the main question here is: How do you make the right choice? While browsing through the range of home theater systems, you will find three most prominent options:
  1. 2.1 home theater system: 2.1 speaker sound system is designed to give your home and TV a better sound experience as compared to your TV speakers. It consists of 2 stereo speakers and one subwoofer
  2. 4.1 home theater system: 4.1 bluetooth speaker system consists of four stereo speakers that can be placed around your home and 1 subwoofer. This is the first step towards a surround sound experience when you watch TV or listen to music.
  3. 5.1 home theater system:  5.1 home theater system is one of the most preferred and widely used home theater sound systems. Consisting of 5 stereo speakers and 1 subwoofer, you can strategically place them around your TV viewing area and let a new experience take over.
Bluetooth connectivity is one of the added features in all speakers. Wireless connectivity is the new in-thing when it comes to making your TV and speakers smart. Bluetooth home theater prices don’t vary much from brand to brand and cost the same in most cases. Truvison offers you the best budget home theater systems along with the best home theater offer price, a price so good you definitely won’t find it anywhere else.

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We are a Europe based emerging consumer electronics company, delivering superior-quality technology across the globe. With 36 branches across the nation, our offerings include a range of products in India with LED TV’s, Air Conditioners, Home Theatre Systems & Washing Machines.