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September 2017

4th September, 2017

Buying an SMART TV? 5 Must Know things!!!

PCTekReviews:(Authored Article)

8th September, 2017

Truvison launches advanced multi segment products for Indian Market

Business Economics (Interview)

August 2017

22nd August, 2017

LED TV features and Technology highlighted by Mr.Saurabh Kabra – Director, Truvison.

Loksatta – Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Nagpur

20th August, 2017

Important factors to consider while buying an LED TV


19th August, 2017

Truvison launched 55 inch-4K TV Pan India

Vijay News- Delhi

19th August, 2017

Truvison introduces 4K UHD entertainment with 55 Inch TV

Vijay News

17th August, 2017

Mr. Saurabh Kabra brings light to factors vital to be considered while buying LED TV.


17th August, 2017

TX55101 – The 4K UHD Tv launched in Indian Market @ Rs 68990/- with all exciting features in store.

Top news today

17th August, 2017

TX55101 – Inbuilt Wifi , Miracast , Android TV , Inbuilt Apps , Gaming Experience , 1 GB ram and a lots more.

All Devine

16th August, 2017

Bring home the 4K entertainment at just Rs 68,990/- with TX55101


14th August, 2017

The Superior quality Technology Smart TV –TX55101 with 4K UHD.

IT Voice

14th August, 2017

The New Generation Android TV –TX55101 with 4K resolution.

Asia Cruise

14th August, 2017

The 4K panoramic experience , now with 55 Inch TV


14th August, 2017

The 4K TV gets extremely affordable @ just Rs 68990/-

Digital Terminal

14th August, 2017

4K TV not a distant dream anymore with the TX55101.

Cell IT

14th August, 2017

Check out the new 4K TV 55 Inch and the New Smart TV 50 Inch by Truvison


14th August, 2017

TX55101 is the most talked about TV with all possible features at an attractive price

14th August, 2017

4K TV with Backlit Technology, Dolby Digital Sound , Inbuilt Apps and much more

Digital Conqurer

11th August, 2017

GST provides further aid to Consumer Durables Industry

My Mobile – Pan India

11th August, 2017

TX5067 – The Smart TV with a gamut of features @ Rs 46999/-

Better Interior – Pan India

11th August, 2017

Visualize the Future Ready Television with the all-new 55 Inch 4K TV

Hindi News Post

11th August, 2017

Visualize the Future Ready Television with the all-new 55 Inch 4K TV


11th August, 2017

The all new smart 50 Inch TV with exciting Features.

Punya Nagri- Pune

July 2017

Jul 17th, 2017,

Take a look at the endless entertainment offered by Truvison’s 65 Inch TV.


Jul 14th, 2017,

Truvison Brings Smart Entertainment with all possible apps in one product TX5067.

Raj express – new Delhi

Jul 10th, 2017,

Director – Truvison shares his views on Business Practices and Work Ethics 

Entrepreneur India

Jul 7th, 2017,

Truvison Launches its 4K Panoramic Ultra HDTV Pan India.

AutoX- Pan India

Jul 7th, 2017,

Truvison Launches its 50 Inch SMART TV @ an attractive price

Tarun Bharat: Satara

Jul 7th, 2017,

Truvison Launches its SMART TV series with 50 Inch loaded with exclusive features.

Times of India

Jul 7th, 2017,

Take a look at the 50 Inch Smart TV – TX5067 With Inbuilt apps


Jul 7th, 2017,

Truvison’s smart Series Range adds up with the new 50 Inch TV 


Jul 7th, 2017,

Smart TV @ Rs 46,999/- inbuilt with Global Technology by Truvison


Jul 7th, 2017,

Smart TV for Smart viewing and all features for connectivity.


Jul 7th, 2017,

Smart TV at home now to connect your Gadgets to your TV.

Social news

Jul 7th, 2017,

Smart TV enabled with Smart Features @ Rs 46999/-

Android Tech Guru

Jul 7th, 2017,

Bring home the App connectivity and seamlessly enjoy screen mirroring with Truvison’s 50 Inch SMART TV


Jul 7th, 2017,

Connect Share and Play using the Android Air Fly Mouse with 50 Inch Smart TV 


Jul 7th, 2017,

Movies, Music , games , Apps all in one with the 50 Inch SMART TV by Truvison

News One Place

The all-new 50 Inch Smart TV for all you gaming enthusiasts, take a look at all its loaded features.

IT Voice

Jul 8th, 2017,

Experience the gaming Zone with the all-new 50 Inch Smart TV TX5067

Vinay Ujala- Delhi

Jul 6th, 2017,

The 50 Inch TV is designed to be Smarter than you expected, Take the joy ride with TX5067

Dainik Chaitanya Lok- Indore

Jul 5th, 2017,

The newest 50 inch TV with Smart Features like youtube , Netflix and Google Play

Vir Arjun – Delhi