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The Sight for Television

Our Cornea technology is designed to enjoy a pleasant viewing experience. Our LED TV’s are built with cornea technology to ensure a relaxed movie experience with minimal strain caused to the eye. Cornea technology acts as a catalyst in controlling the radiation from the screen, its main function is to balance the emitted light from the television & synchronize the colours of the picture in order to enrich the complete visual ambience.



Feel the Power of Sound.

Turbotek, the only technology with thrilling sound by Truvison. Our products produce a high level of sound that could amaze you with its size. It’s one of its kind sound adds impact to all action sequences and brings a rejuvenated power to your music.
Let the power of sound engulf you with the incredible sound engine Turbotek.

Music Systems


TruAer technology does not just clean the air it processes, but does a lot more than that. TruAer takes care of the overall functioning of an Air conditioner. It is a cumulated technology which enables Energy Saving, Self-Diagnosis, De-Humidification, auto cleaning and ensures durability.

Air Conditioners


Power Skrub technology is designed to control and balance the scrubbing on clothes based on the fabric material being washed. It ensures your clothes stay protected while the fabric is scrubbed, fighting tougher stains without compromising on hygiene and cleanliness for your clothes.

Washing Machine


Experience our latest ACTICOOL Technology, which is designed to meet all refrigeration requirement and ensures Adequate cooling to keep your food fresh for long. Our ACTICOOL Technology ensures an efficient, stabilizer-free operation and helps maintains the perfect balance when there are power fluctuations also contributing to Energy Consumption keeping you worry and pocket free. This Technology not only preserves nutrients but also ensures a perfect condition for Fruits and vegetables to avoid spoilage.



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Electronic Products & Home Appliances - LED TV, Home Theater System, Air Conditioner (AC), Washing Machine & More at Truvison

Truvison - Best LED TV Brand

Our televisions help us connect with the world outside. From the shows we watch to the music we listen to, we’re connected through it all. What if we don’t get what we expect? That’s exactly what happens when you don’t use the best-in-class 4K TV. Choosing the best LED TV brand might be stressful when we look at the LED TV price in India. We often look at lowest price LED TV since most of us look at the usage of the TV rather than the make.

Home & Commercial Air Conditioner

Come rain or sunshine, frost or hail, our AC is what makes us comfortable, keeps us cool and puts a smile on our face. When we look forward to purchasing a new AC we are often left with two options, a window AC or a split AC unit. There is no good or bad when it comes down to these options, it depends on what our preferences are and the size of our home. Air conditioner prices vary from a 3-star split AC unit to a 5 star split AC. All you have to do is decide which one fits your needs perfectly. You can also choose from a variety of commercial air conditioners and opt for the one that fits your needs.

Home Theater Music System

Your music is a reflection of your personality. Just like the way you love to show the world who you are, it is also important to give the world a glimpse of your music, with the best clarity and top notch sound. That’s exactly where your music system for home comes into play.  A Bluetooth home theatre system allows you to connect your music to your system wirelessly and effortlessly.

Washing Machine

When we look out for a washing machine a semi automatic washing machine is the most prominent type of washing machine that we come across. If the load is less, a semi automatic washing machine does the job, just fine. The washing machine price of this particular type is also much reasonable compared to an automatic washing machine. Since, washing machines do fall in the home appliances sector you are often given a lot of washing machine offers.


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