In House Research​

Truvison conducts a multi Layered quality check prior to market release, safeguarding quality control for our customer satiety. A product inspection is carried out by R&D experts for all the consumer electronics under our umbrella. Truvison also practices an extensive research at regular intervals to analyse the product quality standards in the market.

Technology & Innovation​

We strongly focus on evolving our products with the technology and innovation in the industry. Truvison is constantly working towards innovating and introducing the best product in terms of quality, technology, and reliability for its valued customers.

Quality Management​

Truvison an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, ensures the products are maintained as per quality standards and the best service is delivered to each of its consumers. At Truvison, customer’s feedback is significantly monitored & we promise to be a pleasured association for our customers. We at Truvison, are constantly undertaking initiatives in promoting an energy efficient lifestyle to save our planet.

Our Technologies

Cornea Technology

Our Cornea technology is designed to enjoy a pleasant viewing experience. Our LED TV’s are built with cornea technology to ensure a relaxed movie experience with minimal strain caused to the eye.

TRU Color Technology

TCT – Tru Color Technology is designed to experience beautiful colors of life. All of our LED TV’s launched with TCT technology provide Rich, Natural and Pure colors to deliver a realistic and truly amazing viewing experience.

Turbotek Technology

Turbotek, the only technology with thrilling sound by Truvison. Our products produce a high level of sound that could amaze you with its size. It’s one of its kind sound adds impact to all action sequences and brings a rejuvenated power to your music.

TruAer Technology

TruAer Technology is the only doctor for your Air conditioner that takes care of the AC’s overall health, analysis symptoms detected at early stages and ensures complete well being by avoiding any major illnesses caused to your cooling unit. It is a cumulated technology which enables Energy Saving, Self-Diagnosis, De-Humidification, and ensures Durability.

ACTICOOL Technology

Experience our latest ACTICOOL Technology, which is designed to meet all refrigeration requirement and ensures Adequate cooling to keep your food fresh for long. Our ACTICOOL Technology ensures an efficient, stabilizer-free operation and helps maintains the perfect balance when there are power fluctuations also contributing to Energy Consumption keeping you worry and pocket free. This Technology not only preserves nutrients but also ensures a perfect condition for Fruits and vegetables to avoid spoilage.

Power Skrub Technology

The Power Skrub technology is designed to control and balance the scrubbing on clothes based on the fabric material being washed. It ensures your clothes stay protected while the fabric is scrubbed, fighting tougher stains without compromising on hygiene and cleanliness for your clothes.

If Gradma’s handwash was the ideal washing for you, our washing machines with PowerSkrub technology will be both you and your Grandma’s favourite as it takes care of your clothes while leaving them with shinier brightness and cleaner whites.