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TruAer Technology is the only doctor for your Air conditioner that takes care of the AC’s overall health, analysis symptoms detected at early stages and ensures complete well being by avoiding any major illnesses caused to your cooling unit. It is a cumulated technology which enables Energy Saving, Self-Diagnosis, De-Humidification, and ensures Durability.

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Various Types of Air Conditioners

At Truvison, you will find some of the best air conditioners in India. You will definitely find a difference in air conditioner prices between other companies and Truvison, because we strive to give you the best experience at the best price. Choose a Truvison today and let the cooling begin.

Split Air Conditioners (AC)

Truvison, one of the leading electronic giants in the country offers some great air conditioners if you are looking out for a 1.5-ton split AC or a 2 ton split AC. Whether you are looking out for a 1 ton split AC or inverter split AC 1 ton or a 2 ton split AC, you will definitely find your new split AC here. Beat the heat with Truvison!

Inverter Air Conditioners

At Truvison we have a lot of options if you are looking out for an air conditioner. Our inverter AC price list is pocket-friendly and available with easy EMI options. Upon browsing, you will find options that encompass inverter split AC 1 ton, 2 ton split AC inverter and the best inverter AC 1.5 ton. Choose the perfect AC for you and don’t let the heat melt you!

Portable Air Conditioners

Feel free to choose from our wide range of portable air conditioners at Truvison. Portable air conditioner is a new concept to many, in India. With a portable AC unit, you can move the AC around your home based on your preference. Truvison offers you the best portable air conditioners in the country. Enjoy an unbelievable cooling experience when you opt for a portable AC unit from Truvison. Choose a new AC and enjoy your summer today!

Cassette Air Conditoners

The cassette AC unit is mainly used when space is limited. The cooling is much more effective and easily cools your home in minutes. Truvison offers you many options in the cassette type AC segment. Although cassette AC price in India, might vary from company to company but, Truvison provides you with the best cassette AC in India. Cassette Air Conditioners provide you with a lot space and unique settings. Choose you cassette type AC from Truvison and experience what cool feels like.

Tower Air Conditioner

A tower air conditioner is a floor standing AC that is ideal for those who wish to upgrade their home with the best cooling solution available till date. Truvison offers you the best tower AC price in India as compared to other companies in the market. A tower AC unit is comparatively easy to maintain and energy efficient compared to the other types of ACs in the market. Choose the best tower air conditioner in India from Truvison and feel what cool actually feels like!

 About Truvison

We are a Europe based emerging consumer electronics company, delivering superior-quality technology across the globe. With 36 branches across the nation, our offerings include a range of products in India with LED TV’s, Air Conditioners, Home Theatre Systems & Washing Machines.