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The Power Scrub technology is designed to control and balance the scrubbing on clothes based on the fabric material being washed. It ensures your clothes stay protected while the fabric is scrubbed, fighting tougher stains without compromising on hygiene and cleanliness for your clothes.

If Gradma’s handwash was the ideal washing for you, this washing machine with PowerSkrub technology will be both you and your Grandma’s favourite as it takes care of your clothes while leaving them with shinier brightness and cleaner whites.

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Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

Leave your washing to the experts! The days of spending too time to wash your laundry are gone. Switch to Truvison’s range of semi-automatic washing machines for a Truly upgraded home experience. Our stylish range of washing machines gives your home an effortlessly elegant look.

Semi-automatic washing machines at Truvison

The right choice in washing machines is essential. Your house and your requirements are the most important factors to choose the perfect model catering to your needs. Truvison offers you a wide range of semi-automatic washing machines that will suit your exact needs.

The best options at your fingertips

From the price of the machines to the capacity, Truvison has a diverse range of washing machines, priced to suit your needs. We offer the best features, like washing machines with dryers, Lint Filters, Soak function, and many more for the best prices in the category. Take your pick out of a wide variety of designs and features to suit your own style, as well as your requirements.

Power Scrub – a revolution in washing machines

Think you’re going to miss the gentleness of a hand washed laundry basket? Truvison’s range of washing machines is powered with Power Scrub technology to ensure the best wash, while preserving the softness of the fabric. These machines balance mechanical rinsing with the protection given to the fabric. Don’t compromise on your family’s hygiene, or the feel of your clothes. All the power of a tough rinse, all the protection of your mother’s hands. Invest in a lifestyle with Truvison. The best washing machine brand, for the best prices in India, with the best offers!

About Truvison

We are a Europe based emerging consumer electronics company, delivering superior-quality technology across the globe. With 36 branches across the nation, our offerings include a range of products in India with LED TV’s, Air Conditioners, Home Theatre Systems & Washing Machines.