Possibly one of the best inventions of modern science that has made life much, much easier for people is the washing machine. It takes care of all your clothes washing needs, cleaning, drying, keeping them almost like new as they were, and most importantly, protecting your hands from being spoiled due to constant use of chemical-loaded detergents and soaps.

For people already using washing machines, life has become unimaginable without it and for those without it, must be dreaming of buying one very soon. It makes the chore of clothes washing and drying easy and hassle-free. But, more than the task of washing clothes becoming simple, it is sure to earn you the gratitude of the maids working at your place.

Before buying any gadget, we often assess its functionality, durability, and model but with specifically washing machines, other considerations need to be focused upon such as the size of the laundry, space availability, types of clothes, usage frequency, and such.

Every washing machine carries a set of so-called unique features making each of them stand apart from other models and this sole reason has increased the confusion among the users while selecting a washing machine for their homes. Each washing machine has different settings and options to help you protect your clothes and save water and energy, which are an important factor that cannot be missed while selecting a washing machine.

There are almost hundred varieties of washing machines being sold in the market and it can get really difficult to find the one which would suit your household to the T. And if you are still confused about which washing machine should you be buying this year, let us make the task simpler by jotting down 10 important things you should look for while buying the best washer for your house.

  1. Type of the machine

There are two variants in washing machines, one is semi-automatic and other is fully automatic. In semi-automatic washing machines, there are two tubs where one is specifically for washing and the other tub for rinsing and drying. It involves a little manual work on our part when one cycle of washing is over, we need to shift the clothes from one tub to another. This type of machine works best for families where there are different kinds of laundry to be washed and cannot be merged.

In a fully automatic washing machine, there is no hassle of shifting clothes from one tub to another and all the functions are performed automatically within one tub. It pre-washes soaks, washes, rinses, and dries the clothes in one complete cycle and notifies with an alarm at the end of the cycle.

Which model suits your needs is solely up to your requirements.

 Try Truvison’s Galaxy (8.5) washing machine for a powerful, yet gentle washing of your clothes.


  1. Style of the machine

There are two styles of washing machines, one is front loading and the other is the top-loading machine. Most commonly used style is the top load washing machine where you are required to just lift the lid and put in your laundry to be washed and dried. But many brands have come up another style called the front loading which is more energy-efficient and saves energy. If there is a constraint on the budget, opting for a top-loading washing machine would be a wise choice.

Truvison’s Terminator (7.5) Washing Machine Top Loader comes with the Power scrub technology which combines modern technology with the traditional method of laundry washing and helps your favourite clothes last longer.

  1. Size of laundry

The size of the laundry is an important consideration when buying a washing machine. It is important to know how many clothes you will be washing on a regular basis and if you are buying the machine to wash bed sheets, upholstery, curtains, and such, then a washing machine with a bigger tub will be required since the tub should have space for the clothes to turn, twist, and move for them to be washed properly. Keep in mind not to overstuff the tub to the brim.

If the machine will be used for a lesser quantity of clothes, then a small capacity machine would do.

Check to see if the washing machine you are selecting has the required capacity to suit your purpose.

  1. Washing tub material

Although machine tubs are available in porcelain enamel, plastic, and stainless steel, stainless steel washing tubs are best as they are corrosion resistant, long-lasting, and can withstand heavy loads and faster spins. Plastic tubs are okay for smaller capacity machines where light loads of laundry need to be washed and drier spins are not too fast. Enamel tubs are not very long-lasting and are prone to corrosion and rusting.

Want the best? Then opt for a stainless-steel tub for your washing machine.

  1. Safety features

It is vital to check and see if the machine you are opting for has the necessary safety features such as

  • Child lock
  • Rodent protection
  • Protection from overheating
  • Stability when dry spinning
  • Auto-restart
  • Protection from over foaming
  • Controlled water levels

These minute factors should be looked at as they will make your washing machine more efficient and long-lasting.

  1. Required settings

Washing machines, today, boast of many features and settings for a variety of clothes and other laundry and this does make your life simple. But, in many cases, one might not require loads of settings and this might ultimately confuse the user. Keep things simple and look if the washing machine has the settings and features you require. For the cluster of settings, you are not going to be using, you might have to pay extra, which is not a good decision.

Look for the settings that you require or check to see if the machine allows you to ‘set’ your settings.

  1. Size of the machine

Washing and drying apart, another important factor is to check if the machine you are buying will fit into the space you have allocated for it at your home. Buying a machine loaded with features and settings and a bigger body that does fit into space will be a waste. Having a proper measurement of the space beforehand and checking the size specifications of the machine will save you a lot of hassles.

  1. Energy and water-conserving

The machine needs to be water and energy-efficient to be both environment-friendly and user-friendly. Energy and water consumed during a spin cycle determine a washing machine’s efficiency and the washing machine you are opting for should have proper energy and water conservation rating provided by the BEE. The energy star rating is an important factor to be taken into consideration and not to be missed.

  1. Delivery and installation

Check with the store owner bout the delivery and installation of the machine and know if they will be delivering the machine at the time best suited for you.

At Truvison, all your delivery and installation needs are taken care of by their dedicated team of staff who care utmost for your comfort.

  1. Warranty

Does the machine have a proper warranty and does it include an extended warranty? Most brands offer one to a two-year warranty on labour and certain parts on the sticker price and the tub and certain parts come with a longer warranty. Also, certain brands offer extended warranty on specific repairs and replacements and offer after-sales services on their products for a limited time period. Check if the brand you are opting for provides proper warranty and after-sales services.

Truvison offers complete customer support, 24*7, across the country with more than 200 service centre. 

Investing in a washing machine is a long-term plan, say 8 to 10 years and one where you wouldn’t want to keep spending repeatedly on the same. Thus, it becomes important to research and spend some time understanding if the washing machine has the trims and features you want from it. Spending some time researching the best washing machine will help you save time, efforts, and hassles later and will prevent you from regretting your decision.

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Find the best machine which makes your investment worthwhile and keeps your clothes clean and fresh and saves you a lot of energy and water. Make sure to buy a washing machine which reduces the hassles and tasks of clothes washing and fits your budget too.

Washing machines are a great addition to every household and one that makes life easier and comfortable.