Winter is almost over and what better way to bring in the new season than a high voltage
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Imagine having returned to your house after a hectic day at work. All you wish to do is to lay
back on the bed and enjoy watching that show you have been meaning to, or that favourite
mood-lifter movie of yours! Or maybe create your environment by switching on that
favourite playlist of yours. Well, the perfect aura can only be created when you have the right
screen and sound accompanying you. Our Cornea technology with which our LEDs are made
is designed to let the consumers enjoy a pleasant and relaxed viewing experience. We
use TruColor Technology to provide rich, pure, and natural colours for a real show of
content that causes no strain in the eyes.

Gone are those traditional ways of setting the soundtrack to bulky, boxy standing speakers
ruining the decor of the room while binge-watching your favourite shows. The innovation in
our new modern speaker systems lets you enjoy a wide range of compatible speaker systems
with an improved audio-fetching mechanism without burning a hole in your pocket. Our
products are impacted with the Turbotek technology, the only one of its kind to provide an
enthralling power with its action-packed sound distribution that never fails to amaze the
listeners. Donned with exotic features like SD, USB, Bluetooth, and much more, the 5.1
channel series by Truvison is available at an affordable price to create the perfect aura when
you have the right sound accompanying you.



So what you can not go out this summer to party on the beaches because of the pandemic?
We have got it all covered with our TV- 7777BT DJ and trolley speaker series. The varied
range of gold, silver, and platinum series adds the needed flamboyance to create the groovy
environment. Assimilated with professional quality audio and versatile clarity, the latest
technology used in the systems allows you to experience the disco sound for any occasion.
The price ranges from 20k to 50k for the DJ soundbanks with adjustable bass and treble add-
ons that also support the guitar inputs and can easily be connected with an LED display.
Our focus at Truvison has always been to approach the directivity of quality in focus. One
such product is offered by Truvison tech. is a well-designed and accurately constructed
1.0 tower speaker system series. Formed by an extremely talented team with numerous years of
experience and design, the combination aims to deliver an astonishing stereo sound with
notable accuracies of widths and depths.

Grab yourself the outstanding LED Range by Truvison-

Smart TVs are driving the smart way of living and it is undoubtedly here to stay. Today,
television has grown into a medium of global consumption of information as there exists no
longer any boundaries for people to access
reports of what is happening around the globe. With a simple click, you enter a world full of
information and entertainment. Truvison’s new bezel-less smart TVs imbued with spectacular
clarity and astonishing visual features are offered at an affordable price ranging from 35k to
45k in its TX series of 40-43-50 inches. Smart in every aspect, with energy-saving features,
Truvison’s TX43001 56 inches series, makes room for entertainment and lets you binge on
the content as per your schedule and preference.

This summer, your hectic work schedule is no longer a barrier between you and your
favourite TV shows. Our bewildering range of Smart TVs allows you to be independent of
the timings of the broadcaster to watch your favourite content. With Truvison’s TX3295 40
inches series, there is no time for entertainment and you can binge on the content as per your
schedule and preference. With the inbuilt extraordinary features such as the Google Play
store, active LED zones, Colour spectrum controls, and much more, our products are
becoming technology’s favourite kid and people’s go-to source of leisure.
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