That time of the year is here and the scorching summer heat is all set to drain the energy out of you. All you need to beat this heat are some bewildering and attractive offers at Truvison to sort your summer essentials. It is the time that you leave behind the worries of those hefty spending at the electronic stores and stay smart and ahead with an absolute place to cover all your air conditioning requirements this summer, 2022.

After having returned to your house after a hectic day at work, all you wish to do is to lay back on the bed and enjoy watching that show you have been meaning to, or that favourite mood-lifter movie of yours! Or maybe create your environment by switching on that favourite playlist of yours. Well, the perfect aura can only be created when you have the right temperature around you, the perfect condition of air to let you relax after a hot summer day. 



Truvison offers the TruAer technology that takes care of the overall health of the air conditioners, right from detecting symptoms at the early stages and ensuring the complete well-being of the appliances. Any faults or damages to the cooling unit are ascertained by this technology that enables energy-saving and de-humidification. The product durability is increased manifold and the cumulated technology initiates self-diagnosis of the unit. 



With the ongoing evolution in the latest technology and electronic industry, people have started to rely on advanced sources for entertainment, comfort, and utility. We introduce ourselves as an excruciating contributor providing super quality technology in consumer electronics and appliances-based companies delivering across the globe. We have expanded our presence with 36 branches across the nation offering a wide range of products and home appliances at affordable prices. Our motto has been to design the products keeping a fine balance between innovation and style and we are committed to delivering the best-in-class quality services to our valued customers. We truly believe in being dynamic and hence we are constantly evolving the technology by developing premium quality products.



The TYSD 3-star series of 1 and 1.5 tons is entailed with 100% copper carbon fiber and R32 eco-friendly refrigerant. Donned with a double micropower chill protection feature with auto-cleaning and auto-restart functions, the series provides the covers and laps that are completely anti-corrosive made of thick metal, ensuring durability in all weather conditions. Our Truaer technology ensures an efficient stabilizer-free operation and helps maintain the perfect balance when there are power malfunctions also contributed to energy consumption keeping you worried and pocket-free. This technology not only preserves balance but also ensure perfect condition for survival in summers. 

The TXSF series of exuberant air conditioners are the perfect companion for your home. The products come with an automatic restart option and enhanced cooling that helps you feel relieved after turning off the air conditioner again and again. The antibacterial filter in the TXSF series is a winning combo for energy-saving and self-diagnosis of prevailing bacteria in the unit. 

Air-conditioners in this series are packed with large cooling cabinets, providing maximum space and utility to the product. The energy-saving AC variants are available in two capacities, 1 ton and 1.5 ton. The fast-cooling features combined with an eco-friendly approach towards air-conditioning is what makes this product worth buying. The chrome and metal finish gives the air-conditioners a classy and contemporary look. 

The Truvison outdoor unit for split air-conditioners is the right companion for the main product. They are anti-corrosive and made of 100% copper metal that provides durability in all weathers. They are built for heavy-duty purposes and are made of thick metal.

We believe in evolving and growing with our consumers. We structure ourselves and our products and that is what makes us a consumer-friendly brand based on your requirements and needs. Our sole aim at Truvison is to provide you TRUcarewith a larger motive to solve all your problems this summer season. This is why we have come up with such fascinating offers for our best products that will help you endure the season with ease and comfort without burning a hole in your pocket. 


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