The sound of music many a time creates a magnetic influence in your subconscious mind. It tends to transport you from being sad to happy and vice-versa. It lands a person in a fictional extravaganza of thoughts and enlightens and lifts the spirits, especially after a hard day at work. The credit for an excellent listening experience also goes to the technology-driven sound systems and speakers in the recent era. Truvison is one such company that strives toward delivering super quality technologically advanced products all over the globe.  



The older days of setting the soundtrack, and decorating the room with heavily built speakers no more fit in the décor of the room. They were a trend then, however in the era today they ruin the decor of the room.

In the technologically driven age of today, the innovation in modern speaker systems has evolved. You can now enjoy your favourite music on a wide range of compatible speaker systems offering an improved audio-fetching mechanism. Impacted with the Turbotek technology, our products are economical and are the only ones of their kind. The products are premium and provide a riveting influence to the customers with their action-packed sound distribution. You can now enjoy and chill with friends and family and organize a perfect relaxed summer party full of music, dance and masti. With the best sound system and speakers, you surely are going to rock the organized party 

with your 5.1 channel high-powered series by Truvison. It has an RMS of 60W to level up the music game and is backed with astonishing features like SD, USB, Bluetooth, and much more

A wide range of products in the series is available at an affordable price. Do check out the series of other products here!



With the growing rage in Covid-19, going to the clubs to dance and enjoy the music is a forlorn story. So it’s best to invite a few friends home and party all night in the comfort of your home in your space. There is unlimited music and dance guaranteed with Truvison’s DJ and trolley speaker series. 


Get going to groove with the best in technology music system and speakers as the company at your party offers professional-quality audio and versatile clarity. Experience the disco beats of the sound for any occasion at your home now any day, any hour. The adjustable bass and treble add-ons support the guitar inputs and are easy to connect with an LED display.

Our Soundbank Gold Trolly Speaker is the best in the budget to give you that party feels in the comfort of the four walls of your home. It has a recording function with a 2 PC UHF mic included. Starting from a price range of Rs 20,990, the product comes with a guitar input support system with an equalizer function to get your groovy evening going with the vibe you need. 


Truvison’s turbotek 2.1 multimedia range of X-BASS is here to win your hearts with its marvellous features at a meagre price. It is all set with AUX and remote control that offers a sense of mobility and versatility in the product. The product is equipped with a subwoofer of 40W and an LED/remote display. You also get to witness a 2 mic karaoke input that connects with the LED panel to generate a scintillating effect of sound on the listeners. The total RMS of these speakers is 60W which is quite competitive at such a price range. 

Since the audio transmission from metal to acoustic, there has been no looking back in the audio world. The innumerable distinctive features provide an edge over the competitor to gain maximum share in the market. One such product is offered by Truvison and is a well-designed and accurately constructed 1.0 tower speaker system series. The incredible product aims to deliver an amazing stereo sound with notable accuracies of widths and depths. Both speakers’ rooms are friendly and easy to load in while sound driving. All in all, the product manages to capture all the right attention building it into a high-end system.

In recent years, there have been manifold effective changes in the field of audio innovation. Truvison too is working towards streamlining effective changes and dynamic technologies with each passing day. We are here to level up the sound stage at a striding pace and have designed products to keep a fine line balance between innovation and style. We are committed to delivering premium services to our consumers. Having sold over 5 million products already, we are offering a wide range of speaker systems synchronized with the multiple layering effects to deliver the ultimate sound distribution.