We all love movies and music and enjoy hearing and watching them on our smartphones and laptops while on the go, but can the headphones and earplugs provide the same sound quality and the experience that the HD speakers provide?

Plug in a set of HD speakers to your laptop and/or Television sets and experience the sound quality that makes you feel present at the movie theatre. The speakers, today, are loaded with features that enhance the sound quality and liven up the music and the movies.

Speakers are a vital part of your stereo systems and home theatre systems, improving the sound, thus, we can surely spend some extra time finding the best speakers for your home this New Year, 2020 out of the many models available based on their functions, features, and pricing. A set of bad speakers are sure to spoil your movie, music, or gaming experience. So, save yourself from that and invest in good speakers.

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The brand and the quality do matter when buying a speaker but other factors need to be taken into consideration while making a selection, such as the type of the speaker, the space intended for the speaker or the listening space, the components of the speaker, and personal preferences of the person buying them.
Before we delve into the things you need to look for while buying speakers for your home, let us understand the types of speakers in the market.

Types of speakers

The audio market is flooded with a variety of models and types of speakers and it is imperative one understands the types and their uses before deciding on the one he or she wants for their home.

Tower Speakers

Usually available in pairs, the long and bulky speakers are the most commonly preferred type of speakers. With technological up-gradations, they have sleeker and smarter. They are apt for sound reproduction and are pre-optimized for full performance. The added benefit of the Tower speakers is that they are flexible and can be moved around to fit in the space where you want them and where they fit in with the décor.
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Bookshelf speakers

Smaller than the Tower speakers, bookshelf speakers fit in the shelves, TV stands, and floor stands. They can be optimized using a subwoofer to enhance low bass frequencies.
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In-wall and ceiling speakers

As the name suggests, these speakers are mounted on the walls and the ceilings to provide complete sound and the backbox prevent the sounds from escaping, thereby, optimizing the listening experience. They blend in with the décor and don’t come into focus independently. However, they lack the sound quality that the traditional Tower speakers and bookshelf speakers have. Also, their installation requires more professional help than others.


Music bars

These speakers are relatively smaller and can be placed on the TV stand and take up very little space compared to other types.

Bluetooth speakers

The latest trend in the world of speakers is the Bluetooth speaker which is small, compact, and easy to carry around and can be connected with any device with the help of Bluetooth connection. They are also less expensive types and fun to carry around and enjoy music on the go.


Things you should keep in mind while buying the best speakers for your home this coming New Year

Before buying the speakers for your home, do consider these factors as they can make or break your sound experience while watching a movie or a TV show, or listening to music, or while gaming.

Sound quality requirement

What may sound wonderful to one person may be deafening for another, in order words, everyone has a different preference for the sound quality and the speakers you are buying must suit your taste. Carry your favourite music along with you while hunting for the best-suited speakers for your home. Play the music at the store and see if it suits your choice of sound quality and is it enough for you or do you require something more or less.
Play the same music on different models and brands to understand the difference in the models. Another good idea is to listen to live music on the speakers to get the feel of the speakers and understand the tone and balance of the speakers. If they don’t hurt your ears and seem natural to you, they are the ones you should go for.
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Purpose of buying

It is important to consider what you are buying the speakers for. If you are just planning on listening to some music or play games using the speakers, then an all fitted, surround sound speakers that cost a bomb will be a mere waste and will take up space and burn a hole in your pockets. Whereas if you are looking for some cinema theatre-like experience at home or love some loud music with all the frills and trims, opting for high-quality 5.1 channel speakers such as TV 7777BT will suit you best.
For a movie buff who loves action movies, surround sound speakers are a must.

Space where they will be fitting in

Another important factor that should not be overlooked when buying speakers is the space where they will be fitted in. placing big speakers in a small room or a smaller speaker in a huge room will not do, they will only spoil the effect. Find the speakers that fit in the space of operation. Take in your room size and the experience you are looking for.
Also, consider the placement of the speakers, whether you want to place them around the room or inside the entertainment cabinet, want them fixed or movable, and how placing them inside or outside will affect the sound quality.
Hard floors are good speakers’ worst enemy. Speakers, however good, will face if the room as smooth surface as sound will bounce back and give a bad effect. Having a plain and empty room to place your high-end speakers is a big no-no. Either find your speakers a better space or consider breaking the smooth and blank surface with furniture, drapes, plants, and such to help your speakers function as they are supposed to. Too huge and empty rooms and walls tend to break the sounds and too cushy rugs and upholstery tend to absorb the sounds, thus, it is important to create a balance to optimize on the sounds emitted from the speakers.
Also, keep in mind the décor of the room and help the speakers to blend in with the room and do not make them stand out as they might become an eyesore.
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The right components

Ask the store assistant to guide you on the accessories and components required for your chosen speakers to function perfectly. For every speaker model, the perfectly fitting components differ and need to be matched for them to provide optimum sound quality. Find the amplifier or receiver that matches well with your speakers for them to get the required power quantity.
Most speakers come with the specified requirement of amplifier power and getting the right amplifier will help them function properly.
Once you have found the right speakers for your home, fitting in all the bills, size, sound quality, design, outlook, and such, put in the necessary time required for installation and placement of the speakers to get the best out of them.
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