There has been enough scrutiny about the television’s adverse impact on health. However, many people failed to equate this concept of limitless screen time. Anything in excess is harmful and this holds true to the healthiest of things. For instance, too much water intake can lead to water intoxication which will lead your cells to float due to low sodium levels. Excess water intoxication can even be fatal.

Therefore, it is only logical to leverage a product, in our case, a television, to sustainable limits for children as well as adults and enjoy an array of benefits it has to offer. Did you know that you can even choose television as per your health scenarios? Yep! Let us look at why choosing the right television is important for your health. We can take a leaf from Turvison’s Cornea Technology which is created to enable viewers to engage in a pleasant viewing experience that causes minimum strain to the eye. It is a unique offering that combines health with entertainment and helps viewers enjoy a holistic experience.

Easy on the Eyes

Televisions with the right viewing technology can help reduce the strain on eyes without compromising on the quality of the image. It is important that consumers must check for ay supporting technology that can help make viewing better and healthier. Truvison’s cornea technology is one such example to consider. Such parameters offer a win-win situation indeed.

Additionally, viewers can also take certain steps to ensure that their eyes do not undergo any strain while the television. Eyecare specialists by and large concur: Watching TV won’t hurt your eyes or vision if the TV room is lit appropriately and on the off chance that you pursue a couple of survey tips. Truth be told, there is generally less strain associated with TV seeing than in doing close work, for example, sewing or perusing.


  • Ensure your TV is appropriately introduced and the radio wire appropriately balanced.
  • Spot the set to maintain a strategic distance from glare and reflections from lights, windows and other brilliant sources.
  • Modify brilliance and difference controls to the individual as well as watcher’s taste and solace.
  • Have the set at roughly eye level. Abstain from turning upward or down at the image.
  • Abstain from gazing at the screen for extended periods. Quickly turn away from the image, around the room or out the window.
  • Wear focal points endorsed for vision rectification, whenever encouraged to do as such by your eye care specialist.
  • View from a separation, in any event, multiple times the width of the TV screen.

You can check out Truvison’s TW4075 – 40 inch to help you sustain a clear image without compromising on your retinal health.

TW 4075 - 40 Inch Full HD LED TV India - HD LED TV Online at Best Price | Truvison


  • SRS Surround Sound
  • 2 HDMI ports
  • Full HD
  • Clear Voice-2 Technology, 2 USB Input
  • Dynamic Contrast Ratio 300000:1
  • Ultra-Slim Bezel


Pure Sound Quality that doesn’t Hurt

This is a problem with those who are suffering from hearing issues. Often they are unable to understand the conversation of their favourite episode. They often up increasing the volume which adds the commotion and makes the entire experience extremely overbearing. Televisions with right sound quality can help reduce the deafening decibel levels which can also lead to increased blood pressure and anxiety.

Here are some other ways that you can take up:

Wireless Headphones: 

These earphones give you an immediate remote stream from the TV to your ears, in this manner dispensing with diverting outside clamour. There is generally a volume control on the earphones that enables you to alter the volume without influencing TV volume for different audience members.


Home Theater System: 

These can give you the pined for theatre sound from a single source, in addition to there are no outer speakers or speaker wires. We like them since certain units utilize amplifier innovation for solid discourse multiplication. It enables you and your kindred watchers to appreciate similar sounds at the equivalent agreeable volume with no additional assistance. You can check out Truvison’s TV 7777BT, 5.1 Home Theater for quality sound and hearing.

SE-7777 BT

This home theatre system is unique, complete with 2000 watts PMPO Multimedia Surround Sound Theatre Speakers Subwoofers.


  • USB
  • Bluetooth
  • SD
  • MMC
  • FM
  • Karaoke
  • AUX IN
  • LED Display
  • Remote Control
  • MIC Input – 2

Size Matters

Depending upon the size of the room, it is important to choose the right television of the right size. A big room and a small television can strain your eyes into watching something that is faintly visible but on the other hand, an unnecessarily big television can force your eyes into absorbing the extra glare that is very harmful to your vision. Therefore, if you are looking at getting a new television, check the size that would suit your space and lifestyle better.

Streaming of Choice

Did you know that TV shows can affect your mental health significantly? Many times viewers often end up choosing random shows, thanks to the broadcasting terms and regulations. You can forgo this force of habit by choosing smart TVs that support On-demand programs and are connected to online platforms from which you can choose the shows of your choice.

If you have decided on going for a smart TV, try TX3271 – 32 inch Smart TV to help you pick shows that will define your viewing habits as healthy. This smart TV is easy on the eyes and offers an impeccable clarity that will deliver a wholesome experience to its viewers. It is the perfect blend of clarity, gaming experience, inbuilt apps and so much more, tying them all together in a neat entertainment gift for your home.


TX3271 - 32 inch Android Full HD LED TV India - HD LED TV Online at Best Price | Truvison



  • Full HD
  • Miracast
  • Dynamic Contrast Ratio-300000:1
  • USB to USB Copy Function
  • 2 HDMI Input
  • Android OS
  • Inbuilt Apps


While we are talking about TV viewing habits, it is good to discuss some basic practices that will keep your mind and body healthy as well as agile.


The Right TV Habits

With an ever-increasing number of methods for survey TV accessible we currently approach plenty of both great quality and improper TV content. In this jam-packed TV condition, the key is to give small kids a guided review understanding and to show and show them the basic reasoning aptitudes they should be dynamic, drawn in watchers. The TV offers heaps of advantages to viewers:

  • With an ever-increasing number of methods for survey TV accessible we currently approach plenty of both great quality and improper TV content. In this jam-packed TV condition, the key is to give small kids a guided review understanding and to show and show them the basic reasoning aptitudes they should be dynamic, drawn in watchers.
  • TV offers heaps of advantages to kids:
  • On account of its capacity to make ground-breaking touchstones, TV empowers youngsters to impart social encounters to other people.
  • Television can go about as an impetus to get kids perusing—following up on TV programs by getting books on similar subjects or perusing writers whose work was adjusted for the projects.
  • A TV can show kids significant qualities and life exercises.
  • Instructive programming can create small kids’ socialization and learning aptitudes.
  • News, recent developments and recorded programming can help make youngsters progressively mindful of different societies and individuals.
  • Documentaries can help create basic considering society and the world.
  • Television can help acquaint youth with exemplary Hollywood movies and outside motion pictures that they may not generally observe.
  • Social programming can open up the universe of music and workmanship for youngsters.


Wrapping Up

Television if utilised right, can help create more aware surroundings and help bring education and entertainment together for the overall growth of the viewers. Organisations today too understand the health implications of watching too much television and are coming up with innovative measures to help make TV viewing a healthy experience. This is the right use of technology indeed.