Today’s world is a smart world! Everybody is talking about smart technology, smart devices, and smart applications. With the invention of smart TVs, everybody is ready to ride on the wave of digitalization. A massive amount of content is spread across the internet that is accessible on a smart TV. But what if you don’t have a smart TV? Will you be deprived of getting the joy of digital content? Or do you have to spend much more money on purchasing new digital, smart TV? The answer to these questions is No, you don’t have to. Instead of spending thousands of your hard-earned rupees, just buy magical equipment that will turn your non-smart TV into a smart one.


Let us guide you on how to turn your normal TV into a smart TV. For doing this, you can adopt three ways. Choose the best suitable for you.


A streaming stick or a dongle


The best and effective way to turn your normal TV into a smart one is by attaching it to a streaming stick or a dongle. Our normal LED TV series like TW2460, TW2462, TW3262, TW3263GS are one the best and cost-effective options available. If you are having a budget between Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 14,000, then you must certainly try these options.

LED T.V.–TW3263- 32 (81 cm)For smart devices that you can connect to them to convert them into a functional smart TV there are various options available in the market like Amazon Fire TV Stick, Chromecast, and ACT Stream TV that will fulfil your wish to see the online content on your normal TV. Most of the time, Netflix, Amazon Prime content is most suitably seen on the big screen. But with a limited budget these devices enable you to enjoy them on your 32-inch screen TV like our TW3262 or TW3263GS with the help of these connecting devices.


As our TW series TVs come with USB port where you can easily plug any of the android based streaming sticks and the connected device will take care of the rest. Some high-end devices may require to power source from the wall adapter as well.


Some of these devices are highly economical and cost under INR 1,000 and that is a meagre cost as compared to the benefits you will be getting. So, what are you waiting for? If this interests you and excites you, Connect now! 


Gaming Console

If you have a gaming console at your place, then just connect it to one of our normal LED TV. Gaming Consoles like Sony PS4, Microsoft Xbox are capable of streaming many online contents on your TV besides the games you can play on them. But this method is affordable when you already have a gaming console. Buying a gaming console for converting normal TV into a smart one is an unaffordable task. So just go for this option if you have already one device in your hand. It’s time to put it to the best use now and enjoy the privilege of a Smart TV on a normal TV  


HDMI Cables

This is the most affordable way of connecting your normal TV to the world of the internet. You can add basics smart features to your non-smart TV by making optimum use of old cables. You have to take an HDMI cable that connects your laptop and your normal TV and then mirror the laptop screen to your TV screen.

Our TW series products irrespective of screen size, like TW3262 or TW3263GS, are compatible with HDMI ports so that connecting HDMI cables is a hassle-free task for you.

All these ways have limitations like cable requirement or sometimes mirroring does not happen properly because of laptop or other device limitations. If you are a rigorous smart content viewer, then instead of taking the help of a mediator you should just make a new addition of Smart TV to your living room and enjoy a fun-filled evening browsing through the best in store for you and your family.


We at Truvison have a wide range of Smart LED TV’s available as well, you can choose once to fit your budget in different screen sizes. Our TX series are all smart TV’s for you to choose from. Visit our website to make a more calculated decision.


Since many people don’t have sufficient time to watch massive web content that is available on Smart TVs and they don’t want to invest much. For such kinds of viewers, the solutions mentioned earlier in the blog can work.


Even if you are a fan of traditional cable or D2H services, try smart devices like firestick or dongle that can open the doors of the internet and humongous content on your normal TV screen.


Let us know in the comment section as to which solution works the best for you and how you would like to choose a Smart TV for your space.