The best value for money Television for the New Year 2021

Televisions have become one of the inevitable home appliances in today’s life. The evolution of TV has progressed from black and white screens to smart LED TVs. We can say the idiot box is no more a meagre idiot box; it has become smarter than ever! With the invention of digital technology, leading television manufacturers have adopted the new technologies and come up with new edge televisions.

Things to consider before buying a TV

Buying a TV can be a complex task. There are multiple different brands, screen sizes, smart TV features available in the market that can confuse the customer while making the decision.  Many people make New Year purchases; it is supposed to be auspicious to take new things home in the New Year. If you are thinking to buy a new TV in the New Year 2021, then think Truvison. There are a wide variety of options available in the market. The following is the list of parameters that you can have a look at before making a TV purchase.

  1. Screen Size
    This is the primary factor in each TV purchase. People love to decorate their living rooms or bedrooms with big screens. The big-screen experience takes viewers into the fantasy world. Truvison has been backed up with all sizes of TV ranging from 24 inches to 65 inches. If you are buying a TV for your bedroom, then you can go for 24 inches or 30 inches screen. Normally, a bedroom is comparatively smaller than the living room, so by thinking of the eye-screen ratio, you can go for TW2460 or TW2462 (of screen size 24-inch) else TW3262/ TW3263GS/ TX3271/ TX3272 (of screen size 32-inch).Our big screen products like TX50201 are best fits for your 50-inch screen criteria. If you are looking for slightly higher-end, then you can surely go for TX55201 or TX65200 that comes in 55-inch and 65-inches respectively. One will have multiplex experience while watching many blockbuster shows/movies on these big screens that are scheduled in the New Year 2021.
  2. Picture Quality
    TV is a visual medium, so the picture quality must be excellent. Excellent picture equality is a combined result of optimal sharpness, brightness, colour, and contrast. All our products like TW3263GS or TW2462 come with intelligent sensor technology. This technology offers the best colours for your screen. The high-end series products like TX65200 priced at Rs.94990 are unmatchable with the clarity experience. The clarity you experience with  TX65200 is more than real, as pictures are denser with finer details.
  3. Smart TV functions
    With the emergence of Android OS, the TV era has gained a new definition. The more your TV is smarter, the more features you get! Our smart TVs offer many smart features as they are based on android OS. Some of our high-end products like TX55201 and TX65200 come with Android Airfly mouse.
  4. Price
    Price is a significant factor in every purchase. It is a common misconception that high-end series is out of the budget of a common man. But, Truvison has something for everyone. Our price range starts from Rs.9990 to Rs.94,990. After spending your hard-earned money, you will get the best-valued product that you will show to all of your guests with immense pride. The price of a product depends upon the features it offers. Here, you can get the economically best products with great features.
  5. Energy Efficiency
    All smart TVs have high features and screen configurations, due to which they consume a lot of energy. But our smart TV products are quite energy-efficient. Our products TW2462, TX3272 are proved to be super energy efficient resulting in less electricity bill.
  6. Connectivity
    Now, viewers are not dependant on traditional cable or dish for contents. They can view desired contents by simply plugging a USB and playing it. TVs with the USB-to-USB copy functions are in much demand. Our products like TX3272, TX65200, TW3263GS are featured with the USB-to-USB copy feature.
  7. Resolution
    You must be wondered what are 4K, Full HD, 4K Full HD, 4K Ultra HD in the TV product description? What does that mean? Almost all of our products offer the best resolution in the series. You can get 4K Ultra HD resolution price starting at Rs. 64,990.
  8. In-built Apps
    Our smart TVs come with many in-built apps. TV series like TW2462 come with NSE games and other in-built games so that you will not feel bored. A wide variety of apps and lots of games make our products the real entertainer package of your house.
  9. Why one should prefer Truvison for TV purchase?
    Yes, there are various options available in the market from where you can buy your TV, but at Truvison, you will get something exceptional that you cannot get anywhere. Our signature products are embedded with specialized technologies that make us a smarter choice for customers.
  10. Cornea Technology
    Many surveys have shown that watching TV for a long duration can lead to eye soreness, redness. Viewers experience a lot of stress to the eyes and need to consult eye specialists. This affects the younger generation and kids significantly. But you don’t have to worry if you are thinking to buy a TV from Truvison. Truvison has introduced a new technology, Cornea technology that offers a pleasant viewing experience. With our cornea technology, viewers can watch TV with minimum strain to the eyes. All our LED TVs are built-up with exceptional technology, making it an eye-soothing experience.
  11. TCT- True Colour Technology
    Many people think to buy a new TV when they are not satisfied with the picture quality. Our LED TVs are backed by TCT technology, a dedicated technology by Truvison for high-class colour quality. You will recognize the difference between normal TV and Truvison products. All our products are embedded with TCT technology; you can experience a rich, natural, and pure colour quality picture. It will enhance the viewing experience by delivering beautiful colours of life.

The year 2020 has already reached its last span. Make a New Year debut with the purchase of new TV from Truvison and be a pioneer, not a follower!