The cool winds of winter are vanishing soon and the air is going to be filled with hot, humid heat waves. The end of winter hints us to get ready for the hot, sweltering heat coming soon and get ready to seek cold, breezy air in all indoor spaces.


One of the key necessities in today’s climate for getting cold and breezy air indoors, is to install an air conditioner. There are plenty of options available in the market; here is our guide for you, on how you can get the best AC that fits your budget and requirement.


We at Truvison have always thrived to provide the best consumer electronics products to our loyal customers. When we had to design our Air conditioners, we hired some of the best minds in the industry to help us with the process. With their help we innovated True Aer technology. It is a cumulated technology which enables Energy Saving, Self-Diagnosis, De-Humidification, and ensures Durability. Whether you are looking for energy-efficient AC or AC that is a perfect blend of comfort and luxury, Truvison is the one-stop destination for all types of ACs needs.

Let us introduce our Zed series ACs that will prove the ultimate perennial possession for your home. The Zed series ACs come in 1.0, 1.5-, and 2.0-Ton capacity. The TWSC141N-AC (1.0 Ton-1 Star) comes with 4- way airflow that helps to bring down the sweating temperature of your ambience. It is featured with a de-humidifier and polysynthetic drying curtain so that you can get moisture-free airflow. In the same series, we have the most preferred device TWSC201N-A.C (1.5 Ton-1 Star). This AC comes with various functionalities like on/off timer, auto restart, self-diagnosis function that will enable you to use the device efficiently. If your requirement increases to 2.0 Ton, our TYSD251N (2.0Ton-1 Star) will cool your big room efficiently. The 100% Copper Machine will offer you the desired durability.

If you are worried about the increasing electricity bill because of AC, then we have the option of energy-efficient devices also. Our Dynam Inverter series will get you rid of electricity consumption worries. Save the environment with our signature products like TXSE141N (1.0 Ton- 3 Star), TXSF202N (1.5 Ton- 3 Star), TXSF252N (2.0T- 3 Star). All these products are energy efficient and environmentally friendly too. Products with built-in TruAer technology, like TXSE141N (1.0 Ton- 3 Star) are enabled with a stabilizer free operation feature. The auto defrosting feature of these products will sustain the life of the products for a long duration.


It is not always that all features come in your budget, but products like TXSF202N (1.5 Ton- 3 Star) will let you spend just a few bucks around INR 39,990 that costs for all these features. Quite a good deal!

If you are more into luxury and comfort, then our euphoria series is the best for you! As we all are learning new norms in this deadly pandemic, many living norms have changed. We are now more protective about what we eat, how we live, how we breathe also. Let our esteem products care for you and deliver a protective environment. The Euphoria series products like TYSD143N (1.0Ton- 3 Star) and TYSD203N (1.5 Ton- 3 Star) come with a double micro protection filter that will spread only happiness and protective breeze of air. With the invention of IR technology, we have equipped our products with the new edge technology so that you can control these devices with your Smartphone also. Experience the technology difference!


Important tips to keep your Truvison AC maintained through proper service

Every machine needs proper maintenance to sustain it for a longer period of time. ACs also need professional periodic servicing.  Here are some important tips that will help you to keep your Truvison AC well maintained:

  • Schedule regular maintenance and clean-up of air filters that will improve your AC cooling. Regular cleaning of air-filters will avoid the soiling of cooling coils. Clean the air-filters at least once a month.
  • Look inside to the evaporator coils. Clean them once a year so that filtered dirt and debris stored on the coils can be cleaned.
  • Do not ignore the maintenance of the condenser coil and fan. As they are installed outside the room, the exterior factors may affect them. Yearly maintenance can improve the better heat dissipation.
  • Clean the coil fins regularly as dust may be logged on them easily.
  • Never neglect the rear drain. If the drain is clogged, the water may accumulate inside the AC and thus it increases the humidity inside the room.


With our feel the cool breeze air conditioners series, beat the heat, and get ready to chill out in hot summer too!