Looking to buy an AC to stay cool this summer?

If yes, you are in the right place. Your search for the perfect air conditioner ends right here.

Summer is just around the bend, ready to knock on the doors of most Indian cities, bringing with it prickling and terrifying heat. Temperatures are bound to rise to up to 50 degrees Celsius and to keep the heat at bay, at least indoors; air conditioners are the best thing to get.

For most Indians, the major criteria while buying an AC are design, affordability, and electricity bill saving. The market is flooded with a plethora of designs, make, and a variety of ACs to choose from and the new technologies have come as a saviour to help people cut down on the electricity bills. And as for affordability, Truvison offers the best technology at the lowest prices.

Things to consider before buying AC for your indoor space

So, planning to buy an AC for the coming summer season? Here are a few things to consider before finalizing the model of your choice.

  • Ace the space

First and foremost, take in the stock of the space where you want the AC. If it’s for a small or a big space, whether it’s going to be placed on a window or the wall or placed around the room or do you need a portable one to take it around the house or office. Depending upon the space, you can decide on the best-suited type of AC, like Window AC, Split AC, or portable AC.

  • Tonnage

Decided on where you want to place the AC? Perfect. Now find the AC with the cooling capacity of the AC. For a bigger room, you require higher cooling capacity and for a smaller space, a lesser cooling capacity would work best and you will be able to save on the cost and the electricity bills subsequently.

  • Star rating

Every appliance is graded with the efficiency rating by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency or the BEE, wherein stars are provided to the ACs depending upon the efficiency.  Check the star rating of the AC model you wish to buy.

  • Extra features

We are living in one of the most technologically advanced times of our times and our gadgets are loaded with features that make today’s fast-paced life, easier and simpler.  Anti-bacterial filters, auto clean features, copper coils, Vitamin C filters, dehumidifier, sleep mode, and such other interesting features make air conditioners more interesting.

Best AC models to choose for your indoor space

Truvison offers a wide variety of air conditioner models to choose from. Our TruAer technology helps increase the ACs’ life and overall health. This technology enables early detection of the problem, self-diagnosis, self-healing, dehumidification, and energy saving.

  • ZED series Bring in the coolest air into your home or office space with the ZED series ACs from Truvison. With three top-grade models to choose from, get cool with the four-way airflow that makes space cool faster.

–  TYSD203N (1.5 Tonnes – 3 stars) from the Euphoria series is designed to provide the coolest and the cleanest air with the Gold fin technology and comes with the R32 eco-friendly refrigerant. Economically priced at ₹35,990, the AC is one of the best that can adorn the wall of any room of your home or office

TYSD143N (1.0Ton- 3 star) priced at ₹28,990 is another offering from Truvison’s Euphoric series which is economical, durable, and energy-efficient. Fitted with the best features and fixtures, the AC unit is one of the must-have modes have models for your home this summer.

The best features of the ACs are

•  100 % Copper Machine

• Antibacterial Filter

• Vitamin C Filter

• Self Diagnosis Function

• Auto Restart

• Double Micro Protection Filter

Choose from one of the 3 great models from the new Inverter AC series that help you in energy-saving and cutting down on the utility bills. TXSF202N (1.5 Ton- 3 star) priced at ₹39,990 is the best option from the Dynam Inverter series to choose for keeping your home and other indoor space cool and energy-efficient.

The inverter ACs from Truvison comes with 4 way airflow that spreads cool air uniformly in the room and with its auto on and off option, it helps in reducing the costs. The ACs are designed with perfection to provide the coolest air and provide a cleaner and greener environment.

Find the best suited AC model for your indoor spaces to keep you at the coolest this coming summer season.