Good quality product is for everyone, just not the rich or the élite. It is time we stop substituting quality products with expensive and luxurious products. Quality can mean different things to different people. For some, it may mean the brand, for others, the usage and efficiency, and so on. So, it’s time we understand why one should invest in good quality electronic products for their homes.

Electronic products have become indispensable for most homes today. There is hardly anyone who can do without most of the electrical products since they lessen the workload and make life easier.

Spending on an electrical appliance or utility product is no less than an investment since we don’t plan on buying a TV or a refrigerator every other year. Since these products cost a lot and last for longer, making a wise choice makes them investment-worthy.

Spend today to save tomorrow

Buying cheap products doesn’t ensure that you have saved money. You might have, now, but may cause a huge dent in your pockets in the future. Quality products may be a bit expensive now but will ensure that you save a lot of money in repairs, servicing, or replacing the product often.

Energy efficiency

Quality home and kitchen appliances come with good energy efficiency making them reliable products that help you save money in the long run. Choosing products that have a higher efficiency rating will help in lowering the maintenance cost and rate of return if you plan on selling the product after several years of use.

Energy-efficient appliances and other electrical products also save a lot of money spent on electricity bills, thereby, cutting down on your monthly expenses.

2-star energy efficiency rated TV may cost you less at the time of buy, but a 4 or 5-star efficiency rated TV will ensure quality and cost reduction in electricity bills.


High-quality electrical products are often considered reliable and that is certainly true in most cases too. Quality products bring a sense of reliability, lower maintenance costs, and stress to consumers. When the product we are using is of high quality, we can use the product without having to stress over the fact that the product might give up suddenly or the warranty the company gives might not cover damage or repairs.

Quality electronic products may be a bit heavier on the pockets but are certainly easy on the mind.

Better customer support

Companies or brands that ensure quality products also care for their customers and offer better support to customers at times of repairs, services, or replacements. They ensure long-time availability of spare parts, 24*7 customer support, and low-cost maintenance.

Truvison offers continued support to their customers 24*7 with customer support available in more than 200 cities across India.

Save more over time

Quality appliances are made to last longer, thereby, saving you the hassle of purchasing similar products again and again. They may seem expensive at the time of buy but consider how much money you will be saving over time, especially in the case of often used products.


Quality products are well made, thus, there are fewer chances of accidents or damage to the products if they are installed, used, and maintained properly. Even in the case of an accident, there are lesser chances of injuries. Quality and well-made appliances and products, in general, are safer and reliable.

Contact Truvison’s experienced and knowledgeable staff for proper installation of our products and understand proper usage and maintenance of our products to improve the efficiency and reliability of our products.

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Key Features

 • Full HD

 • Miracast

 • Inbuilt Apps

 • Inbuilt WIFI

 • Dynamic contrast Ratio-300000:1

 • USB to USB Copy Function

 • Android OS – Version 9.0

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