Summer of 2021 has already begun and with it, the risk of the Covid-19 virus is again at its peak. Work from home culture, stay-at-home schooling, kids, elders, and the rest bound inside the houses has increased the need for proper air conditioning to keep everyone cool and calm.

Difficult times have made buying a perfect AC more difficult as consumers are unable to step out of their homes to compare and choose the best possible AC’s for their homes.

Online shops and stores have come as a saviour and made this daunting task of finding the best AC’s for people’s home to keep the stifling heat outdoors.

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To make it easy to make a sound decision, the buyer needs to narrow down a few things, like

  1. His or her budget
  2. Type of AC best suited for space
  3. The AC’s capacity
  4. The frequency of use
  5. The climatic conditions of the place he or she is residing

Read on to understand how to choose the best AC for your home in 2021.

Things to keep in mind while choosing the best AC

Technological advancements have made air conditioners more efficient and the fact that ACs have become more of a necessity than a luxury, it has become more affordable too. But, all this has made it more confusing for the customers to decide on the AC that would suit their needs to perfection. Here are a few things that the consumers looking for the best AC should keep in mind while deciding on the AC they want.

Type of AC best suited for their space

AC’s come in three types – Window, Split, and Portable ACs. Depending upon the space where the AC is going to be used one can decide upon the type they should choose.

Window AC

As the name suggests, window ACs are designed to fit into the window frame of the room. They are compact, easy to handle, and cheaper compared to other types. They are a good option for smaller spaces and where the number of people is lesser in number.

Split AC

Split ACs come in a different unit where the indoor unit and outdoor unit are separate and are installed separately. They are bigger in size, cool faster, and more efficient. They are a bit costlier than the window AC type.

Portable AC

Portable Air ConditionerAgain, as the name suggests, Portable ACs can be carried from one room to another and this makes it easier to cool the room where you are at. They are economical, easy to handle, and have good efficiency.

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Tonnage is the capacity that is required to cool the room where the AC is fitted. The bigger the room, the necessity for higher tonnage is required to efficiently cool the room. It is always advisable to know the capacity of the AC being decided upon.

Inverter ACs or Fixed speed ACs

An Inverter AC, the compressor is on continuously and keeps adjusting the power consumption according to the need, making it an expensive option. In the Fixed speed AC, the temperature is set and once the desired temperature is reached, the compressor shuts down on its own, in other words, the AC works at either full capacity or not at all. The fixed speed ACs are fairly economical and with fewer movable compressor components, this model requires low maintenance, thus making it more pocket friendly.

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Other factors to be kept in mind

Antibacterial feature

In times of pandemic, it is important to stay healthy and since people are forced to indoors, the need for a clean environment is a necessity. The anti-bacterial feature in the air conditioner prevents harmful bacteria and germs from entering the room. However, it is important to be aware of false claims of anti-Covid virus features in the AC’s.


If you are staying at a highly humid place, the dehumidification feature in the AC’s help in reducing the humidity in the air, thereby, making the air pure and breathable.

Four-way air swing

Most ACs come with a four-way air swing feature which allows the air to move horizontally and vertically, allowing the room to cool faster and efficiently.

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