The festival of lights, joy, and loads of firecrackers is fast approaching and millions of people across the globe are looking forward to celebrating Diwali with their loved ones, near and dear ones. It is the beginning of the Hindu New Year and is celebrated with lots of zeal and excitement.

Diwali is a time when most Indian homes plan on buying things that are required since the festival is considered auspicious for getting new stuff home. The world, today, is 90% technology-based, right from electronic wearable that make them healthier to smart speaking pens for toddlers and pre-schoolers that sing rhymes for them and tell those stories too, to gadgets and appliances for homes that make everyday lives easier, to high-tech gadgets that adorn quite a many homes these days, the list is quite endless. We have slowly become too dependent on electronic gadgets and appliances to carry on with our day to day chores and duties. Whether we like it or not, we are addicted to these gadgets, big and small, in one way or another.

It is again that time of the year when we start thinking of buying that much-needed HD LED television set for our living room or the latest refrigerator for the kitchen. Whatever it is that is on your wishlist for Diwali this year, it is the perfect time to go ahead and buy it.

Here we are with the best electronic buying guide to make your Diwali 2019 exceptionally good and happy. So, Read on.

The white goods market, in India, witnessed a boom during the festive season due to various offers and discounts from all spheres, both online and physical stores. Most electronic products and durable consumer items bear about 20-40% discount and thus, are heavily in demand.

What should you consider before buying electronics this Diwali?

Before we delve into the gadgets and appliances that you can purchase this Diwali, let us understand the factors that should be taken into consideration before making that auspicious purchase.


Check for what’s new in the market –

With technological advancement, everything changes faster at a blink of an eye and it is always better to keep yourself abreast with the latest technology and products with the latest features available in the market. Possessing something that is updated as per the latest technology can certainly add a charm to your space and a happy quotient to your and loved one’s lives. If you are looking to buy new LED TV’s you should surely check out our brand new models –  TX55201- 55 inch & TX65200 – 65 inch

Find the best, competitive prices available in the market –

We at Truvison believe in providing true value for money products. Prices offered by the various online and offline stores often vary due to the discounts offered and other marketing gimmicks. It is better to look for the brand where you can find the best products available for the best prices and at Truvison, you can find just that, i.e. best products and the best and competitive prices you have been on the lookout for.

Check for the return and after-sales servicing policies –

Every seller claims to be the best in the business and it is up to us, the buyers, to be smart and check for the return and after-sales policies of the sellers. Check to see if the store or e-commerce website has a return and exchange policy and if no, are you ready to take the gadget as it is? Being prior informed will save you from hassles later on.

For electronics, after-sale service is very important. You need to check with the seller if they provide installation and after-sale services on the products and then buy the product.

At Truvison, be assured, customer service and satisfaction are a priority and thus, they have a spread of over 200 service stores across the country.


List of best electronics you can buy this Diwali 2019

Home theatre systems

A bit expensive, but definitely worth the cost, home theatre systems are a great addition to the house for the sheer joy and sound experience it provides. It is one of the best things you can buy for your loved ones and family members since everyone in the family can enjoy it. It is awesome for movie watching, gaming, virtual reality, and music. There are multiple options from which you can choose the home theatre system that you would like for your home.

Truvison home theatre 5.1 is a great option if you are looking for something that is worth every cent you are paying. It comes with the latest Turbotek technology that provides a thrilling sound that is bound to provide an exceptional surround sound experience. The system brings to life the sounds that we listen to while watching a movie or listen to a song or while playing a game.

Score the internet to find the home theatre systems lowest price in India this festive season at Truvison.


Smart LED TV

TX50101 - 50 Inch 4K Android Smart LED TV India - Latest LED TV Online at Best Price | Truvison

Televisions have gone smart, just like the phones and can do a lot of things that the regular televisions cannot. Your TV is no longer restricted to watching programmes telecasted by the cable operators and DTH service providers. Turn your TV into a computer screen and watch various apps that you usually watch on the small-sized screens of your smartphones or tabs. Connect your home theatre system to your smart TV and turn your house into your very own personal theatre and enjoy a movie with your entire family. Enjoy the latest LED TV features on your smart TV today.

Truvison LED TV is a great option for a smart TV and one that you must go for this year. They have an in-built cornea technology in all these TVs that reduce the undue pressure on your eyes and enhance the TV watching experience. Truvison offers a variety of LED TVs to choose from, with screen size ranging from 24 inches to 75 inches, suitable for every kind of homes and spaces. Our R&D team has worked effortlessly to bring new technologies such as True color technology (TCT) to enhance the viewing experience with vivid colors and Q technology, where in our higher end models now come with QLED displays. We have also introduced in built sound bars across models, ranging from 32 inch to 65 inches.


Washing machine

Washing machines have become indispensable for homes today with most of the millennial couples working and sharing the workload at home. Washing machines have upgraded and perform a lot more functions than they traditionally did.

If you are too planning on buying a washing machine this coming Diwali and are looking for best washing machine in India, Truvison’s Fully-automatic washing machines top loaders are the ones to go for. Loaded with their unique PowerSkrub technology that helps you clear out the toughest stain while keeping your clothes healthy. Truvison’s fully automatic washing machines take good care of your clothes, cleaning them gently and preserving their original colour, texture, and feel.

Try Truvison’s Galaxy (8.5)  washing machine model for the ultimate hand scrub action that clean your clothes and saves water too. It comes with a capacity of 8.5 kgs and stainless-steel body to prevent from rusting.


Air conditioners 


Air conditioners have become a basic necessity for most homes. With severe climatic changes, summers are getting hotter and longer. Get prepared for the next summer with the best air conditioning units that provide purified air, de-humidification, and energy saving. The market is flooded with brands selling ACs of every size and model. You have plenty of options to choose from. Choose one that suits the space of your room, has the necessary features and is within your budget.


Truvison’s inverter air conditioner is an awesome choice for your home. The technology it uses known as TruAer Technology makes the life of the AC unit longer and keeps the machine healthier and running for long. The Truvison air conditioners are durable, energy-saving, and worth the cost you will pay. There are various options the brand offers like the  Dynam Inverter series and the Euphoria series and you can choose the one you like.




Refrigerators are a great option to go for this Diwali and one that you can never go wrong with. There are so many options to choose from in refrigerators such as single door, double door, triple door, mini-refrigerator, and such. Today, fridges come loaded with so many features which make it difficult to choose just one.

Are you planning to buy a refrigerator this Diwali and will not settle for anything less? Then, opt for the best refrigerators brand in India, Truvison. They have some amazing technology in their refrigerators that keeps the food fresh for a longer time and has a great energy-saving feature which helps in saving money for you. The Acticool technology is eco-friendly and eliminates the need for additional stabilizers and balances out any power fluctuations that might damage the fridge. There are two options for refrigerators in Truvison, i.e. TVDCR052 – 52 Litres and TVDCR092 – 92 Litres.

Diwali is that time of the year when the spirits are high and the cost of products quite low (read: discounts). It is the perfect time to buy the appliances you needed for your home. Go ahead and make this Diwali joyful for your family members.