Television is one of the most magnificent inventions of science and technology. John L. Baird is the inventor of television. In today’s life television is one of the main sources of advertisement. Also, television plays an eminent role in providing knowledge and information and people can learn many new things from it. In earlier times, television used to come with an antenna and TV gets channels by way of radio wave only. Also, all the programs were available in black and white mode but with the advancement of technology, around the 1920s coloured television was invented under which now all programs are available in colourful mode.

What people look at before buying a Television?

In such a competitive market where a lot of companies in the field of technology are present. Each company’s vision is to constantly work on its product and to achieve customer satisfaction and its mission is to be on the apex position in the market and to provide a wide range of products designed with innovation and style. If you are willing to buy a new television for yourself and you are looking for clarity, smart features, engineering, quality, and other features that an ideal Smart TV can offer you then, Truvison is the best option you can go for. Truvison offers a complete range of products worldwide not only in televisions but also in home audio and home appliances. Truvison believes in providing the best quality and services to its customers.

If you are looking for something that is smart technology ingrained with other technologies like Cornea technology and True colour technology then Truvison’s LED TV TX43001TS-43 Inch is the best option.

Key Features of Truvison’s LED TV TX43001TS-43 Inch 

This television model is a modern entertainment technology that represents a clear display light of the television. Its size is comparatively big and ideally suits those people whose preference is a big screen. The key features of Truvison’s LED TV TX43001TS-43 Inch are as follows-

Full HD

This display technology surpasses the video quality and sharpness of the HD television technology which provides an image resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. It provides an image resolution substantially higher than the earlier technologies present in the market.


This feature means a standard for wireless connections used from laptops, tablets, or smartphones, etc to display on TVs, monitors, or projectors. This feature allows sending up to 1080p HD video. This feature promotes work across devices, regardless of brands.

Inbuilt Apps

Nowadays TV sets offer more connectivity and computing ability and also, allows the user to install and run more advanced applications based on specific platforms. This Truvison’s LED TV TX43001TS-43 Inch runs a complete operating system that provides a platform for various applications.

Inbuilt Wi-Fi

This feature means that this LED TV comes with Wi-Fi connectivity. Because of this, you don’t need to buy an extra adapter because your television comes automatically with the connection of a Wi-Fi network. It removes the problem of having wires of wi-fi all-around your house and allows users to be connected to the network from anywhere in the world.

Dynamic contrast ratio- 300000:1

This property offers you the luminance of the brightest shade to that of the darkest shade that any system is capable of producing. This model provides a plasma display with a 300000:1 dynamic. Dynamic contrast ratio means the brightness ratio that states the brightest and darkest shades that the system can produce over time.

USB to USB Copy Function

Nowadays, every Smart TV is usually equipped to play content from a wider range of sources which was not available in the traditional sets of television. In this television unit, there are 2 USB ports present for you to make most of this function.

Android OS

This Truvison’s LED TV TX43001TS-43 Inch is an Android TV which is a Smart TV Android operating system. This allows the television to adopt a lot of features such as voice search and people can easily access media content and these Smart TV also have been adopted as set-top boxes by a number of television providers.

This market segment expands its presence across the nation and offers a complete range of various products which is full of innovation and delivers the best design and quality. Customer satisfaction is the main priority for any industry and Truvison stands on the expectation of its customers and is enhancing its customer base and is providing good quality products and it constantly endeavours to emerge as a superior quality technology across the globe.