Indian summer is well-known for its scorching heat and heat waves that make getting out of the house unbearable. Heat is so unbearable, in almost every part of the country (except the hilly areas), that people think twice before stepping out of the comfort of their offices and homes

But there is one device which has proven to be a blessing and boon to millions of homes and offices worldwide. Yes, you are thinking of the right device, the air conditioners – the device which cools the rooms and spaces we are at and keeps the blazing heat outdoors.

With hundreds of brands and thousands of models too choose from, choosing the best AC becomes a difficult task with multitudes of features and their benefits to know and understand.

Air conditioners or simply the ACs were once considered a luxury commodity, especially in the Indian markets. But recent years has witnessed a major change in the trend with the double-digit growth the sales of the AC’s. There has been a significant up-gradation in the technologies concerning the ACs and plethora of features have been added to the cooling machine and every day a new technology or feature gets added to them.

Air conditioners, today, are designed not only for the long and stifling summer months but have the features to combat winters and rainy seasons too.

If you are looking for the best air conditioner for your home or office, choose from Truvison’s wide range of air conditioners that come loaded with the latest features and technologies.

Types of air conditioners

Air conditioners come in basically 4 types,

  1. Window AC

As the name suggests, it is the type of AC perfect for fitting into a window. It is cheaper and easier to install and remove compared to the split AC model.

  1. Split AC

The AC is split into two parts, interior and exterior units. The interior unit rushes cool air into the room and the outer unit comprises of the condenser and the compressor and is connected using inter-connecting tubes. They are highly energy efficient but a little expensive than the window ACs.

  1. Inverter AC

Inverter ACs work on the inverter technology where the compressor speed runs according to the temperature within the room it is being run in. when the room is sufficiently cool, the compressor reduces its speed accordingly and vice versa.

  1. Portable AC

As the name suggests, these ACs can be carried along and moved from room to room making them a perfect choice when it is not feasible to install individual units in every room of the house of office.

Other air conditioner types include centralized ACs, Geothermal Heating and Cooling ACs, and Hybrid ACs.

Must-have features for your air conditioners in 2020

Read on to know the must-have features and benefits your air conditioner must have in 2020.

  • App controlled AC functions

Today, we are in the times of the smartphones and there is hardly anything that a smartphone cannot do. It has made our world depend on it for even our smaller needs and controlling our AC is just another task that our smartphone can perform, easily.

Most AC brands provide their apps to help us control the functioning of the air conditioners without the need to be present in the room to control it. Apart from controlling and monitoring the air conditioner, the Wi-Fi-based apps allow the users to know the power consumption made by the unit/s per day.

  • Inverter ACs

Inverter air conditioner is the best AC available in the market today. They are smart ACs that uses the inverter technology, whereby, they convert the Alternating Current or AC into Direct Current or the DC. This helps in controlling the AC’s compressor speed.

This technology allows the compressor to run continuously as long as the unit is ON but the speed changes according to the room temperature. The compressor speed increases or reduces as the temperature in the room increases or decreases. This type of AC consumes lesser power, thereby, reducing your electricity bill and is quite user friendly.

Try Truvison’s inverter air conditioner models for a ‘cool’ cooling experience and save on your electricity bills.


Try Truvison’s EUPHORIA SERIES with a 3-star rating and double micro protection filter.

  • Faster cooling

Many AC brands are upgrading their technologies and allowing their ACs to cool the room faster. With the use of a button, the scorching heat can be converted into a hill station-like atmosphere within 30 minutes. The unit throws cool air into the room making it ‘cool’ faster and more efficiently without putting a strain on the compressor to work faster.

  • Auto clean filters

Air conditioners require maintenance and regular cleaning and servicing. But, the latest technology and feature allows the ACs to auto clean its filters. AC filters are an important component of the unit and any negligence can affect the cooling capacity of the unit. With our fast-paced life, regular AC cleaning can prove to be a task that is tedious and expensive if the service is outsourced.

Many known brands have come out with air filtration and purification features and auto-clean functions which allows the machine to auto clean its filters using various techniques and methods, thereby, reducing our task of cleaning them regularly.

  • Humidity control

AC’s are no longer meant only for the summers but work in winters and rainy seasons too. But summers put a lot of strain on the ACs making it slow down in the rainy seasons which makes it difficult for the machine to control the humidity levels in the atmosphere. This leads to health ailments such as sneezing, cold, and headaches.

Top AC brands such as Truvison has come up with AC with a de-humidification feature which helps in controlling the humidity levels in the room.

opt for Truvison’s TYSD203N (1.5 Tonnes) priced at₹35,990 for the best de-humidification feature in your AC to help you control the humidity levels in your room.

  • Copper condenser

Many companies, to cut down the manufacturing costs, use aluminium condensers which are cheaper and flexible but tend to corrode faster than copper condensers. Aluminium condensers are difficult to repair and require complete replacement upon damage which will prove more expenses on your part.

The copper condenser is the latest feature which helps the machine to last longer and function efficiently. Latest models of air conditioners are being launched with everything made of copper including the condensers, interconnecting pipes, coils, and the evaporators.

Truvison’s TYSD143N (1.0Tonne) priced at ₹28,990 comes with a complete 100% copper machine.

With the advent of latest technologies and features, air conditioners have become sleeker, smarter, and a real cooling machine. Most international brands have done away with the obsolete technologies and features and have completely adopted the new and latest technologies so that the users can have a better experience with their ACs.

Air conditioners are no longer just the cooling machines perfect for the summers but have started to serve as a companion for all weathers, de-humidifiers in rainy weathers and heaters in the chilling winter weather. AC’s are no longer a wall fitting in other months apart from the summer months. They come handy all-round the year. Thus, it becomes important that one considers all the pros and cons of all the models available in the market and buy the one that checks in all the right boxes and is fitted with all the must-have features and technologies to make the purchase worthwhile.

Truvison air conditioners – the best for your homes

At Truvison, there is a fine balance between technology and style, durability, and usability. With constant endeavour to provide the best, there is constant technology evolution and consumer satisfaction is kept a priority. Constant after-sales services and maintenance support is provided to each of their users 24*7 with 200 service centres across the country.

The air conditioners are designed to provide the best cooling service and not only takes of your health with double micro protection filters and anti-bacterial protection feature but also self-detects any issue with the machine and auto-heal and tackle the issues.

Truvison AC’s are durable and highly energy-efficient machines with the TruAer technology that makes using them comfortable and healthy.

Some of the vital features of a Truvison AC are as follows

  • Gold Fin Technology
  • R32 Eco-Friendly Refrigerant
  • 100 % Copper Machine
  • Enhanced Cooling
  • Carbon Filter
  • Self-Diagnosis Function
  • De-Humidification
  • Stabilizer Free Operation
  • On / Off Timer
  • Auto Restart
  • Power Chill Feature
  • Energy Saving
  • 4 Way Airflow
  • Auto Cleaning