Smart TVs have changed the way we were viewing TV previously. Our television sets have now become smarter just like our smartphones which have practically become our lifelines and without which we cannot function. With just one internet connection, we can turn our simple TV into a Smart TV which allows us to watch movies, videos, songs, shows, web series, play games, and stream live videos using multiple apps that can be downloaded with one simple click.

Have you recently bought a 4k Smart TV for your home? Yes? You must be pretty excited to start using your Smart TV and download apps to play your favourite movie, or stream live videos, play games and get to know the latest happenings from around the world via news updates.

First, let us understand what makes your TV smart?

For over a generation, we have watched regular TV, no doubt, loved and enjoyed it. But the traditional TVs were devices that were connected to the antennas and later with HDTV antennas using cables and receiving signals from cable operators and DTH service providers and running the pre-recorded programs.

With the increase in world connectivity, people wanted more from their TVs too and once the ‘dumb’ or ‘idiot’ box had to turn smart. Internet connection, hundreds and hundreds of varied apps, and faster streaming and connection have completely changed the way TV was viewed earlier. In fact, one can hardly find a non-Smart TV in the market any longer. If you are looking to buy a new mid-range smart TV, It is best to opt for Truvison’s TX50201 – 50 inch priced at ₹42,990 for an exceptional Smart TV experience complete with inbuilt apps, gaming, inbuilt Wi-Fi, and Full HD feature.

Buy the best Smart TV

Truvison Smart TVs are designed to perfection and with the intent to provide exceptional TV watching experience. With more than 15 models for you to choose from, Truvison televisions are fitted with the latest technology and aim to provide comfortable and relaxed TV watching with Cornea technology which works to reduce the stress on our eyes and their TruColor Technology brings colours to life and presents the pictures in more natural and realistic colours and provides an amazing TV viewing experience.

But, before you start compiling a list of movies you want to binge-watch on Netflix or download the latest versions of your favourite games to play on a bigger screen with better sound quality, or web series to be watched, certain things can help you maximize the experience of your new Smart TV.

Find the best place for your TV

There is a bigger chance that your new TV is going to be bigger than your old one (generally, we do prefer going for a better and bigger model than the one we are currently using). So, most likely your new TV may or may not fit into the space allocated for your TV. Finding a new space might require adjustments and moving around furniture and fittings in the room. Make sure the TV is not placed in the line of direct light as this will hamper the picture quality and any reflection from the light will diminish the experience.

  • Setting up

Where you place your Smart TV matters on your viewing experience and also how you set up the TV using the proper cable management and adding media streamers, Blu-ray players, set-top box, soundbars, universal remote, and such can turn it into a powerhouse of entertainment. Each TV comes with the corresponding cables that are compatible with that TV set.

Once all the components are rightly set, it is time to set up the TV to the correct mode, colour, contrast, and brightness to have an exceptional TV viewing experience, as your new Smart TV has more potential and quality than the previous generation of regular television sets.

Match your Smart TV with good quality tower speakers with Bluetooth or home theatre system to enjoy the movies, games, and songs to the maximum. We recommend you try out TV-333BT – Truvison’s best in class tower speaker or TV 7777BT – Truvison’s home theatre 5.1 for an unparalleled sound experience like none other.

Each TV model is different than others and it is important to know and understand the features of each of them and buy the one that suits your requirements, so that you don’t waste your hard-earned money.

Top features of your 4K LED Smart TV

  • Integrated smart home system

TVs are no longer just an entertainment medium but have become integrated smart home systems. Most TV can be connected to the lights, doors, locks, and other sensors and this integrated smart home feature allow one to control the compatible devices to be controlled via the dashboard on your Smart TV or smart devices attached to them such as Amazon’s Alexa.

  • Music and sound quality

Your Smart TV comes with quality speakers which are a smaller version of the home theatre systems and work to provide quality sound quality while watching your favourite movie or grooving to your favourite song. Movie watching, gaming, and music listening experience have increased to a great level and what is best that it is an inbuilt feature and can be enhanced using outside speakers if you want louder sound than the one your TV is set with.

  • Internet surfing

Similar to web browsing on your smartphone or your laptop, now you can surf the internet right on your Smart TV set with an inbuilt web browser. This feature comes especially handy when you are watching TV and need to search the internet for something particular and do not wish to switch on your laptop and prefer it on a bigger screen than that of your smartphone.

  • Streaming videos

Watching shows and movies that are being run on TV is outdated. There was once a time when we had to watch the movies or shows that were being screened as per schedule run by the channels. Now, we can play any show, any movie, any song, and any video as and when we want, on-demand, and that too, any time. Apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and such have opened a new way of watching television at our convenience and as per our liking. We can stream live videos as and when we want and enjoy them on a bigger, wider, and clearer screen without putting much strain on our eyes. And, imagine the sound quality while watching your favourite episode of Jack Ryan.

Truvison’s 4K TX65200 – 65 inch priced at ₹94,990 with 4x clarity and Full HD feature is ‘the’ Smart TV for your home. Experience picture quality and clarity like none other and immerse yourself in the TV watching experience.


Key Features

4k Ultra HD, Luminous Panel, Miracast, Inbuilt Apps, USB to USB Copy Function, Slim Line Bezel, Android Airfly Mouse, Android OS

  • Learning

You are never too old or young to learn something new and with a new Smart TV on your wall, more the reasons to keep learning. With a plethora of learning apps that can be downloaded on your 4k Ultra HD Smart LED TV, learning can be fun and innovative. Learn a new language, a new skill, dancing, singing, personality development, cooking, and much more right from your couch, right in your living room (or bedroom).

  • Worldwide news on your fingertips

The app store on your Smart TV has a multitude of apps that bring the latest world news to your TV screens with just one click and without having to endure ads and switching between news channels to find the news related to the topic you are looking for. News apps are better updated with latest happenings than the news channels.

  • Social networking

Admit it; we all love social media as much as love watching TV. We all love to let the world know what we are doing and what we are watching or listening to at the current moment and what better platform than a social media site. Almost every social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and such has their own apps that can be downloaded and scrolled through right on your TV screens. You can even video chat with your family and friends on a bigger screen and may chat with your brother or sister staying away along with all the family members fitting into the screen.

  • Voice recognition

We have become dependent on voice command tools such as Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, and such. Our Smart TVs also have the voice recognition feature which allows us to set up our preferred voice command tool and make TV watching experience easier. Imagine asking Alexa to switch the channels or Google Assistant to play the movie we want to watch rather than spending time searching on the remote.

Truvison’s TX400z– 40 inch priced at ₹42,990 is a perfect choice for your new Smart TV and is loaded with features such as Full HD, Inbuilt Apps, Inbuilt WIFI, USB to USB Copy Function, 4K Ready, and Android OS making it an experience by itself.

So the next time you think of buying a smart TV make sure you keep in mind the points mentioned in this blog. Do your research and make the right decision based on your requirement and budget. Visit Truvison’s website to learn more and to go through our wide range of TV’s to fit different budgets and needs!