Summer is just around the bend with the rise in temperature will make bearing the heat unbearable if not for the greatest invention that is known as the air conditioner or simply the AC. Indian summers last longer in most cities, stretching for months, the sweltering heat becomes tougher to handle as the hotter months of May and June bringing in the heat waves. Since temperatures taking a turn and rising, it is the perfect time to buy the AC for your house or office.

This guide will help you find the best air conditioner and how to guide you through the features to look for and know why the AC is best for you. Read on to learn the A to Z’s of basic and advanced features of air conditioners and choose the one that fits all the right criteria.

Types of ACs available in the Indian market:

With the temperature rising daily, the heat becomes unbearable even when indoors and at times like this, air conditioning systems come as a saving grace. There are 4 types of ACs available in Indian and they are

  1. Window AC

The most commonly used type; Window AC is economical and easy to use. It is a single unit which combines the heat exchangers, compressor, connecting pipes, and all the fittings. It is compact and easy to install and fits almost every window. It is smaller in size and is available at lower costs and use lesser space compared to other models. Since this type doesn’t require drilling holes in the walls, it is perfect for people who keep shifting homes or office spaces quite frequently.

  1. Split AC

As the name suggests, the AC is split into two parts, one being inside the room which blows the cool inside and the other unit consisting of the condenser and the compressor and both units are connected using a pipe. This type is usually preferred by people looking for a smart look in the room and if the room does not have a window to fit the window AC in. It is usually higher in cost and requires more care and maintenance.

  1. Inverter Ac

One of the best types available today in the market, the Inverter AC comes with an inbuilt inverter which senses the temperature in the room and adjusts the compressor speed, thereby, becoming energy efficient. This feature is absent in all the other types of ACs, thus, making it a smarter choice. This type of AC is quite expensive and the repairing, too, gets expensive as it requires a specialized technician to perform any kind of repair. However, most brands offer servicing and repairing up to a certain period of time at no or minimal costs.

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  1. Portable AC

The name itself defines the type of AC we are talking about. The portable AC is easy to carry around and can be used in houses which cannot afford ACs in every room. One can take the AC wherever they are currently at, bedroom, living room, or kitchen. They cool faster, are smaller in size, and cost and energy-efficient.

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Portable Air Conditioner


Things to look for when buying an AC

  • The cooling capacity

The basic thing to look for while buying an AC in India is the cooling capacity of the unit. How effectively the AC will cool the room it is being fit into is what should influence your decision. It is important to know beforehand if the cooling capacity of the unit is enough to cool the size of the room.

For a smaller room, a smaller 1-ton AC will be enough and for bigger room size, opting for a 1.5 ton or 2-ton AC would be a sound choice.

The capacity of the AC is directly proportionate to the size of the room and also the location, for instance, the city or the state for which it is being purchased. Some states are hotter than others and some are more humid and some are dry. Thus, the cooling capacity of the unit is an important factor to take into consideration.

  • The energy efficiency

With the rise in the cost of the ACs and the electricity, it is pertinent that we opt for an AC which provides higher cooling and is highly energy efficient too. Each AC in India is provided with a Bureau of Energy Efficiency or the BEE rating which shows how energy efficient the unit is. Higher the rating, the higher the energy-efficient an AC is. Ask for the BEE star rating before finalizing on an AC.

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  • The air quality

Most ACs come with dehumidifier inbuilt for the purpose of reducing the humidity levels in the air and improves the cooling and the quality of air within the space where the AC is set. A good dehumidifier is a must for areas which are more humid and where the AC is used even in the monsoon season.

Also, look for the filter used in the AC which helps in improving the efficiency of the unit and also the quality of air that moves out of the unit.

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  • The type of AC

When choosing an AC, keep in mind where the AC will be fixed and the room size and the space within the room as this will help in determining the best type of AC you can opt for. A smaller room with less space will require a smaller size AC and a window AC will be apt, provided the room has a window to fit the AC in.

Window ACs are relatively cheaper and more economical when compared to the other types but not necessarily apt for the room you are buying for. A bigger room will require bigger capacity and thus split ACs are the best-suited type.

  • The installation and maintenance

AC’s require proper installation for them to function properly, especially the Split AC since it is made up of two components and if even one component is not installed properly, the entire wouldn’t work properly. AC installation needs authorized personnel and it is important one checks with the dealer if they provide installation services.

Along with installation, maintenance of the unit on a regular basis is important for the long and efficient life of the unit. Check with the dealer if they provide after-sale services and general servicing of the AC.

Truvison has service centres in more than 200 cities in India and have 24*7 repair and servicing facilities for its users.

Other important factors to be considered

  • Apart from the abovementioned factors and features, other important factors to be taken into consideration while buying an AC for your home are as follows.
  • Check to see if the AC is running smoothly without much sound. Ideally, an AC should not be louder than 60 decibels.
  • Check to see if the AC has the auto start feature wherein the AC switches on, on its own after a power outage.
  • Check to see if your AC has turn off and turn on function which allows you to set timer for the AC to turn off and turn on again at specific times, making it easier to sleep as you do not require to wake every night to switch off the AC in case it gets colder and turn it on again.
  • Check to see if the AC has an auto-clean feature which makes the daunting task of cleaning the AC unit easier and simpler.
  • Buying an air conditioner can be a little daunting with a huge number of models and types available in the market. The guide is created with the intent to make your task a little easier.

Choose the best

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