The New TX4075 is designed with a series of flamboyant features. It is thoroughly the perfect cinema you wish to experience at home.

Its vivid color presentation with an illuminated panel is predefined to be immaculate for your viewing experience. The newly evolved LED TV is surely going to take your breath away. Test the immersive experience ride today with the new 40 inch LED TV.

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It’s attractively unusual brightness and contrast setting makes it stand out from the rest of the Tv’s. Watch some delightful entertainment shows with the ideal balanced picture viewing experience.

It’s not only about the right color and contrast that makes the picture perfect…But the audio-visual experience needs a lot more of detail to make the motion picture look accurate.The Smart Colour Illustrator brings every detail required to the motion picture for you to enjoy your movie experience.

When imagination is brought to reality.

The LED TV designed with a slim body, crafted to enhance the beauty of your home is finally here. And who does not want to save some space at home??Check the Slimline trend with the new magnificent design by Truvison TV.

We all live in a gizmo world with an array of gadgets that we use each day. But multiple devices with a limited source of input to use the device, is a slag we are facing. Gone are the days when we needed an HDMI splitter & switch to play multiple devices. The all new Truvison TV is enabled with multiport HDMI connectivity that aids connection to 3 of your devices at a go.

Music at One touch. We all like the no fuss and no wire hassle coming our way.But how to play music on your TV without wires? It’s all possible when you have a TV with Bluetooth.Try and connect to enjoy some seamless Music.

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