With 4 X the clarity of a full HD TV, the viewing experience undoubtedly reaches an unmatchable stage. The clarity experienced is more than real, as the pictures are denser with finer detail. With multiple pixels in an image, a close watching will also not hinder your movie watching experience. Tune into the numerous apps and the 4K HD channels around you, it can all now be at your disposal.

Switch to the new form of entertainment, with the 4K Panoramic 65 Inch LED TV.

The Large Screen TV is customised with Tailor made features exclusively for its users, so keep yourself in check with the tech trend:

  • In Built Wi-Fi

This feature lets you easily stream all the things you love, including HD movies, videos, photos, and music on your wide screen LED TV. Streaming an HD movie on your TV can make you thoroughly rejoice the entertainment in comparison to watching movies on laptops and hand held devices. Connect seamlessly using Wi-Fi and browse through your favourite content via multiple gadgets at a single touch.

  • Miracast

With this revolutionizing technology, Mobile phones & Laptops with Miracast feature can be seamlessly connected & we can have all our media in one place. Sharing movies through Miracast is made easy without the hassle of connecting wires. So enjoy connect and share feature with Miracast on your LED TV’s.

  • A + Grade Certified Panel

Experience distortion free entertainment from any viewing angle with the A+ Grade Panel. The A+ Panel brings consistency in colours with deeper blacks and improves picture quality too. The alteration created due to touching the screen is negligible due to premium quality panel used.


With Smart TV being one of its kind interactive Television set, it can be connected to the internet and also capable of running apps. With a gamut of apps pre- installed and ability to download the others of your choice makes it a complete user friendly TV with endless possibilities.

  • In Built Apps

The App store is a powerful operating system supporting a large number of applications in your LED TV. These applications make viewing experience and user interface advanced for you. With Android games you can completely add that spunk to your TV entertainment experience and enjoy the gaming zone. The Android experience gets bigger for you with connecting gaming consoles and inviting your friends over a battle with games, fun and much more.

  • Android Air Fly Mouse

An additional handy gadget with your TV to explore more with its features. The Air fly mouse is compact & lightweight, making the Plug & Play Experience enjoyable for you. With its convenient design you can use it directly by shaking & moving it in the air or by using its keyboard feature.

  • Dolby Digital Sound

With high audio quality, Dolby Digital Sound places you in the centre of the action. It expands the left and right traditional stereo channels to deliver an enveloping 360 degrees of sound. Dolby Digital Sound automatically provides a stereo version of the audio tracks so your favourite movies, TV shows, and other entertainment will sound great on your TV. Moreover Video games featuring Dolby Digital surround sound will add to your gaming experience while playing on your TV.

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