Summer’s approaching and it’s time to pick up the ideal cooling unit. Check out the new cool machine explore all its features to chill you!

TruAer technology does not just clean the air it processes, but does a lot more than that..
The technology is crafted with eco-friendly measures to keep the AC clean and also save energy so now save on those ever rising summer bills and enjoy the cool atmosphere at home.
It also comes with a washable or reusable filter, which is ideal to clean the dust and filter the air more effectively than any disposable filter. Also reusing these filters helps the users, go eco-friendly with their usage.

Was buying a Split Unit AC, quite a difficult task for you? Let’s make it easy for you.
Here’s your buying guide and all that you need to know before buying an AC for your home.

Size of an air conditioner:

Consider Room Size – This will help decide on the amount of air in the room that needs to be cooled.
No of items kept in the room – Important to remember, every item kept in the room will get cooled from the air conditioner, so minimal the stuff around you, lesser is the electricity consumed by the air conditioner.
Number of electrical appliances in the room – Most electrical appliances emit heat, especially lights. This is another major factor to be considered while AC placement.
No of Windows in the room – More the windows, more is the heat coming from outside. Having insulated windows can reduce the cooling load.

After considering Sizing requirements, it’s vital to check the efficiency of the Air Conditioner,
Which is noted by the help of EER
• EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio)

– Each air conditioner has a different cooling capacity, which is represented in BTU/hr. It is the BTUs of heat that the AC can remove in an hour which can determine its effectiveness.
– If the heat/sunlight reaching the room (in BTUs) is more than the heat that air conditioner can remove, then the air conditioner will not be as effective as you desire. Also, higher the EER, more effective is the air conditioner.
– Whenever you go to buy a new air conditioner, check for the EER Label. This is one of the most important factor, while making a selection for an air conditioner. Also it is mandatory by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) for every air conditioner to have this label.

Sleep Mode Setting: While making a buying decision, check that the AC unit has a sleep mode setting, so that there is minimal disturbance in your sleep while the air conditioner also slows the cooling process to the minimum required, saving money and energy.

Reusable Filter: Every AC unit has a filter that must be cleaned. While buying an AC, check if the AC has a reusable filter slider and not a frame-enclosed one and safeguard yourself from the immense hassle. The Reusable filters are easy to remove, clean, wash and re-install back.

By now you can easily master and take your buying decision. So check the exclusive features with Truvison AC here:

TruAer takes care of the overall functioning of an Air conditioner. It is a cumulative technology that is enabled with Energy Saving, Self-Diagnosis, De-Humidification, auto cleaning and ensures durability for your AC unit.

Auto Restart – No interludes in your sleep.
Now no more waking up at Night even with a Power Cut. This feature equipped AC automatically restarts the unit and resumes the set operating conditions in the event of a power supply shutdown without the use of any remote or manual control. The operation will resume without warning, three minutes after the power is restored.

Self-diagnosis Function – Analyse to fix
In a circumstance where an error is noted, the system updates its user with a beep Sound every 3 seconds and a red light blinking on the display. Simultaneously an error code pops up on the LED Display. The instruction manual takes the user through each of the codes description and the steps to be followed if an error occurs.

Easy Night Mode – A goodnight sleep guaranteed.
Bring that additional comfort with a goodnight sleep with this feature. With Easy Night Mode enabled, at first the AC will work to get the ambient temperature of the room as per the preference set. Then, it will ramp down the temperature at periodic intervals without disturbing the comfortable sleep till morning. This ensures an optimum temperature is maintained while consuming minimal power thus saving energy.

Copper Machine – More life to machine while saving energy.
The use of copper makes the unit more durable and enables hassle free maintenance too. The life of your Air conditioner, depends largely on the corrosion that occurs, and cleaning the coils regularly and maintaining them with care can control it enabling the copper machine to give your AC sturdy life.

Auto – Cleaning – Bring home healthy air.
This function will prevent growth of harmful micro-organisms by eliminating the moisture inside of the indoor unit. This function once activated will remove the dust on the evaporator and provide with more clean and healthier air.

TruAer technology is truly the only doctor for your Air conditioner that takes care of the AC’s overall health, analysis symptoms detected at early stages and ensures complete wellbeing by avoiding any major illnesses caused to your cooling unit.