With an excruciating impact of evolution in the latest technology and evolution in the entertainment industry, people have started to rely on advanced sources for entertainment. The rise of the internet has led to a fall in the traditional way of connecting with the outside world. In recent times where people are forced to experience a shelled life in the four walls of their homes, Smart TVs have proved to be a source of digital adoption that has allowed them to relax and enjoy extravagant entertainment without having to go somewhere else.

Gone are the days where the televisions were confined to only a few channels with a limited choice of genres to choose from. With the rise of the era of SMART TVs, streaming is the new cable. Read ahead to know how Smart TV is becoming technology’s favourite kid and has become people’s go-to source of leisure.  


Before the concept of smart TVs was there, the mainstream and traditional cable TVs were a functional system to view content. The quality of the screen was not something that was paid much attention to. But with a rise in the demand for a better way to watch your favourite shows, news, and other infotainment genres, mind-blowing technologies started to enter the space.

Truvison emerged as a superior quality technologically advanced company to change the dynamics of the way content is seen over the medium of television. Our Cornea technology with which our LEDs are made is designed to let the consumers enjoy a pleasant and relaxed viewing experience. We use TruColor Technology to provide rich, pure, and natural colours for a real show of content that causes no strain in the eyes.  


Smart TVs are filled with innumerable genres and options of streaming platforms that allow the user to choose from a variety of shows to watch at any point in time. While the traditional TV sets were confined to limited availability of content, smart TVs offer a conventional control to stream movies, shoes, documentaries, etc. from OTT services like Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, Hotstar, etc.


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In the old times, watching television together as a matter of social gathering allowed families and friends to bond over a particular show or movie they would watch. As lives got busier and people started to invest less time in their leisure, such gatherings also started to reduce. Smart TVs brought that feeling of attachment again as people with similar interests have begun to connect over their love for different movies and shows on the OTT platforms. Reality shows have become a hot topic for discussion over social media that leads people to bond with one another. Truvison’s 4k Ready smart Tv series presents an amalgam of clarity and inbuilt applications making it an ideal entertainment package to binge over your favourite reality and trending shows.


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With cable TVs, the biggest drawback is that you can watch a particular show or movie in the set time when the same is broadcasted. Sometimes, the allotted time may not match your hectic schedule or there is a problem with signals of the cable TV. Smart TVs allow you to be independent of the timings of the broadcaster to watch your favourite content. With Truvison’s TX400Z 40 inches series, there is no time for entertainment and you can binge on the content as per your schedule and preference.


Smart TVs, despite offering a wide variety of services is available at almost the same price as the usual LCDs with no such offerings. The smart TV market is highly competitive and the pricing is set in such a way that a large share of customers can afford the products and drift towards a digital extravaganza of content availability. Truvison’s new bezel-less smart TVs imbued with spectacular clarity and astonishing visual features are offered at an affordable price ranging from 35k to 45k in its TX series of 40-43-50 inches.

Smart TVs are driving the smart way of living and it is undoubtedly here to stay. Today, television has grown into a medium of global consumption of information as there exists no longer any boundaries for people to access reports of what is happening around the globe. With a simple click, you enter a world full of information and entertainment. Such is the aim of Truvison in expanding its products all over the world keeping a fine balance between innovation and style. We are committed to delivering the best quality Smart TVs with dynamic bewildering features at an affordable price. Our vision is to make your soul feel connected to the world.