Have you ever been in a situation where the mechanical vibration known as sound creates such an influence in your subconscious mind while you binge on your favorite movie that it transports you from the sad, boring reality to a fascinating fictional extravaganza? Well, the entire credit must go to the unique technologies that have been developed in such a way that your listening experience is one of a kind accompanied by a revolutionary approach of providing the best of all the sound and none of the noise.


Gone are those traditional ways of setting the soundtrack to bulky, boxy standing speakers ruining the decor of the room. The innovation in the modern speaker systems lets you enjoy a wide range of compatible speaker systems with an improved audio-fetching mechanism without burning a hole in your pocket. Our products are impacted with the Turbotek technology, the only one of its kind to provide an enthralling power with its action-packed sound distribution that never fails to amaze the listeners.

A problem in finding all the latest features in one place? Not anymore!

Imagine having returned to your house after a hectic day at work. All you wish to do is to lay back on the bed and enjoy watching that show you have been meaning to, or that favorite mood-lifter movie of yours! Or maybe create your environment by switching on that favorite playlist of yours. Well, the perfect aura can only be created when you have the right sound accompanying you. What better than the 5.1 channel series by Truvison to up the music game? Donned with exotic features like SD, USB, Bluetooth, and much more, a wide range of products in the series is available at an affordable price.



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Remember those days when we used to see those hefty racks of amplifiers at music studios and stage performances? The quality of focus seemed to reverberate the audiences with engaging to the aura leading to an annoying differentiation in the hearts of the music lovers. High-powered 5 channel sound systems came into the picture replacing the analog systems. But the problem did not subdue, rather it became even more important to bring in a compact speaker system with better sound delivery at an economical offering. Then came the era of digital speakers that entailed the smaller footprints confined to a decent structure possessing the features to manage compression, storage, and transmission of the audio files. Slowly and steadily the audio engineers worked on more features such as Bluetooth and USB which have now become the most crucial component of any speaker range.

Since then, there has been no looking back for the audio world to keep experimenting with innumerable distinctive features to provide an edge over the competitor so that they can approach the directivity of quality in focus. One such product is offered by Truvison tech. is a well-designed and accurately constructed 1.0 tower speaker system series. Formed by an extremely talented team with numerous years of experience and design, the combination aims to deliver an astonishing stereo sound with notable accuracies of widths and depths. Both roomsare friendly and easy to load in drive, the product manages to capture all the right attention building it a high-end system.


The pandemic isn’t over yet. Given the safety protocols, going out in a fully-loaded nightclub to party should be the last thing in your mind. But that doesn’t mean you cannot bring the party home. Yes, you heard it right! Asimilar ostentatious environment can be created in your own space with Truvison’s DJ and trolley speaker series. The varied range of gold, silver, and platinum series adds the needed flamboyance to create the groovy environment. Assimilated with professional quality audio and versatile clarity, the latest technology used in the systems allows you to experience the disco sound for any occasion. It comes with adjustable bass and treble add-ons that also support the guitar inputs and can easily be connected with an LED display. Unlike the usual bulky DJs, the modernized disco speakers do not need supplementary amplifiers as the same is built inside the drive unit.

The field of audio innovation is streamlining effective changes and dynamic technologies to level up the sound stage at a striding pace. With products designed to keep a fine line balance between innovation and style, Truvison commits towards delivering premium services to its consumers. Having sold over 5 million products, we are offering a wide range of speaker systems synchronized with the multiple layering effects to deliver the ultimate sound distribution.

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