A lot of us might be aware of the archaic sets that relied on dish antenna and would greet us with the fuzzy screen just when Kapil Dev is about to bowl! So, unless one has the privilege to witness live matches in England, televisions are our best friends. We at Truvison are here to cater to your needs with regards to that, our wide range of products start from 24-inch televisions all the way up to 84-inches, satisfying every budget.

Lucky for us, technology is a boon which is constantly refining our humble television sets and today has the capability of adding a touch of reality to our virtual viewing experience. The quadrennial World Cup calls for a special occasion and we can help you choose the right television for a brilliant World Cup experience.

In this article, we will discuss the following:

  1.    Different types of TVs in the market
  2.    Factors for determining the right television
  3.    Accessories that can improve the viewing experience
  4.    Conclusion

As per the BARC viewership data by the STAR group, more than 114 million viewers tuned in to watch the first match of The ICC Cricket World Cup between England and South Africa.

There are diverse variations involved in today’s television assortment. The sheer variety can send you in a tizzy, coaxing you to open Wikipedia on the side to understand the terminology. However, you do not need an engineering degree to understand the parameters of selecting the right television. Simply scroll down to know more.

Different Types of Televisions in the Market

With the influx of a variety of televisions, choosing the right one for your benefit might be a tricky task. The first step is to understand the types of televisions available to consumers.

4K or Ultra HD TV

Adjusted with a minimum resolution of 3240 x 2160, it adds tremendous detail to the image. It can help us, the cricket aficionados, get a better look at that LBW or that sneaky run-out.

Truvison’s uber cool LED T.V.–TX75110-Android smart adds multi-fold to the magnified quality of the image It has everything you need! The picture is finer, the colour is denser, and the quality is unparalleled. TX75110 – Android Smart comes with 4K Ultra HD, VR Support, LED Active, and Colour Spectrum Control.

Now, let the umpire help others for we have a better view.


One of the common types, LCDs are available in most households. The technology relies on numerous CCFL bulbs, referred to as backlight, illuminate a layer of liquid crystals to form highly intense and colourful images. It is more economically efficient than its counterpart’s OLED and QLED.


A step beyond the LCD, the LED is the next generation that has several LED bulbs instead of the conventional CCFL bulbs as the backlight source. You can opt for a sweeter deal on your cricket venture with the quality and cost efficiency of TX-407Z.

Liven up your space with dynamic screen resolution and a full HD experience with TX-407Z. Thanks to its Dynamic Contrast Ratio-300000:1, choosing an LED TV sounds like a better idea. This technology exudes a bigger and crisper image for the viewer. Some of the other features like Miracast, inbuilt apps and many others add on to the crusade of the ultimate viewing experience.


A slightly upgraded version of the LED, this category has numerous self-illuminating pixels instead of a backlight which makes the picture richer and enhanced. As a result, it costs more than its predecessor. 


These members have a lot more in common with LCD TVs. They use the backlight but instead of illuminating liquid crystals, it falls on the layer of quantum dots which adds a resounding brilliance to the image clarity. Hence, the name QLED- Quantum dot LED.

Factors for Choosing the Right Television

What factors determining the purchase of the right television?

  • Screen Resolution
  • Smart TV
  • Display Size
  • Screen Refresh Rate
  • The Requirement
  • Energy Efficiency
  • The Sound Quality
  1.    Screen Resolution

The discussion above about the types of TVs can be connected here. Several types of resolutions add to the factor of viewing pleasure. 4K or ultra HD is slowly becoming a standardized norm and industry experts advise against going any lower. Maintaining the standard is TX75100, complied with active LED zones, boosting the 4K experience.

It promotes the viewing of platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and even YouTube that are now embracing the 4k resolution and offering the complementing content. TX75100’s quick launch buttons, complement to the ease of access to these platforms. Furthermore, its highly malleable colour control, VR support and Cornea Technology makes the product one of a kind.

2. Smart TV


There is enough said about the viability of a smart TV. Compliant with platforms like Netflix and Amazon, the smart TV feature is a dream come true for an avid viewer. You can experience the futuristic TV experience with LED T.V.- TX407Z- Smart Series 40 (101cm). Its operating system allows seamless management of online and network-based media content without the connection of an external device.

LED T.V.- TX407Z- Smart Series 40 (101cm)

The state-of-the-art TX407Z is a delightful volley of entertainment shows, built-in apps and stupendous gaming experience, which seamlessly connects with your Wi-Fi. You just need a Wi-Fi connection to amp your smart TV and enjoy your favourite channels of your choice, at your convenience.

  1. Display Size

Display size or screen size is an important factor to consider while buying a TV. This needs a mapping of the space, the number of people who will be watching on a regular basis and of course, the budget. Considering the parameters, ideal screen size can vary from 55 inches to 65 inches. Check out Truvison’s range of TV’s and select the one that suits your requirement.

Consider this rule: Sit at a distance from the TV three times greater than the height of the screen for HD and 1.5 times the height for 4K resolution.


  1. Screen Refresh Rate

So, what is the screen refresh rate? Determined in Hertz (Hz), it is the number of times per second a picture is refreshed on the screen. The most common rate if 60 times/sec or 60 Hz. Sometimes, the number can go up to 120 Hz and 240 Hz. The faster the rate, the better the resolution. People choosing TVs for commendable viewing experience should opt for 120Hz while on the other hand, gamers can go for 60Hz.


  1. The Requirement

This perhaps should be the first question when you go TV hunting. Check out the requirements that you and your family have for buying one. For instance, the size. Some might go for the 55 inches while some might stick around for 32 and some may require a high-end port system while some are happy with the humble amenities.

TVs can cost a small fortune and it is wise to invest mindfully, keeping in mind the usage and quality of the final purchase.


  1. Energy Efficiency

Viewing the World Cup is a marathon process that spells high energy consumption. We always wary of buying a new electronic device or appliance, considering its impact on the monthly bill. High-performance TVs are built around the concept of conserving energy as well as money. The old-school cathode-ray tube has given way to the new LED technology which consumes less than 250 watts. Now we can cheer for India in a more environmentally conscious way.

  1. The Sound Quality

The World Cup is nothing without the running commentary, the cheers and the classic wicket stump sounds. One needs to be aware of the sound quality of the TV in focus and ensure that it relays the true experience of the viewing. Enhance your viewing experience by pairing your TV with Truvison’s Tower Speakers.

Accessories That Can Improve Viewing Experience

If you want to take your World Cup fever a notch further, you can add a plethora of accessories to enhance the sound, resolution and several other facets. These are optional devices that you can add.

  1.    Home Theatre/Sound Bar

What if your TV doesn’t offer the needed sound quality? Simple. You can pair your TV up with a home theatre or a sound bar to overcome the sound shortcoming. In this case, rely on Truvison’s TV-6045 BT to offer a superb surround system with sound quality enhancers that will change your room into a private theatre. After all, a great sound system is what you need for great viewing.


  1. Chromecast/Fire Stick/Apple TV 4K

If you have been bitten by the 4K bug, it is viable to add the Chromecast to your TV ensemble for a vivid viewing.

  1.  Universal Remote Control

Multiple gadgets and an advanced TV system call for the need for a Universal Remote Control. Add this to your arsenal to control all your gadgets from a single point source

  1.  Ambient Lighting

The glare on the screen is irritating and watching TV in the dark is not healthy for your eyesight. Resolving this dilemma needs investment in ambient lighting. This is neutral lighting which illuminates around the TV and prevents excessive glare or the excessive darkness.


Now that you are armed with the basic knowledge of which TV can help you and your cause of support to the Indian Cricket team, go ahead and cheer for the Men in Blue in style! Truvison wishes the Indian cricket team the best of luck!