This Flat Panel has surely got a lot more than the standard display with 50 inch smart TV’s. It comes with iridescent picture quality with the right amalgam of contrast in every picture. Its lucidity is portrayed best while enjoying games with the supportive Android Air Fly Mouse which creates life like action ambience while playing. Its inbuilt Apps and 1 GB Ram enhance your SMART TV experience by adding more fluidity in App processing & enables hassle free browsing too.

1) Full HD

Full HD is a television display technology that exceeds the video quality and sharpness of the original high-definition television (HDTV), providing an image resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. Bring home a television experience that’s designed for visuals beyond your imagination.

2) 2 HDMI Input

With dual HDMI input you can now connect your multi devices like play stations, Blue Ray players all with your TV and enjoy the comfort and luxury at home.

a) USB to USB Copy Function

This Feature enables you to copy content/files from one USB to another. This Means copying your favourite music and movies and sharing them with your friend’s USB drive is made easy now. Your TV can now transfer files hassle free from one USB to another without the use of a laptop.

3) In Built Wi-Fi

In Built Wi-fi- This feature lets you easily stream all the things you love, including HD movies, videos, photos, and music, to your LED TV without baring the burden of any wires from your laptop. With Inbuilt Wifi you can now enjoy big screen Television experience in the comfort of your homes and enjoy seamless connectivity.

4) Android Air Mouse

An additional handy gadget with your TV to explore more with its features. The Air fly mouse is compact & lightweight, making the Plug & Play Experience enjoyable for you. With its convenient design you can use it directly by shaking & moving it in the air or by using its keyboard feature.

5) In Built Apps

Smart TV is one of its kind interactive Television set, connected to the internet and capable of running apps. With a gamut of apps pre- installed and ability to download the others of your choice makes it a complete user friendly TV with endless possibilities.

6) 1 GB Ram

With the most updated Apps & Games in your TV, You still need a lot more to help these function to the best of its abilities.
With 1 GB Ram in built in your TV you can enjoy more fluidity with App processing and experience hassle free browsing too.

7) Android 4.4

Android 4.4 is a powerful operating system supporting a large number of applications in your LED TV. These applications make viewing experience and user interface advanced for you. With Android games you can completely add that spunk to your TV entertainment experience and enjoy the gaming zone. The Android experience gets bigger for you with connecting gaming consoles and inviting your friends over a battle with games, fun and much more.

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