If browsing through apps was mere a thought, enjoy the android TVindulgence today.Truvison’s Smart TVis one of its kind interactive Television set, connected to the internet and capable of running apps. With a gamut of apps pre-installed and ability to download the others of your choice makes it a complete user friendly TV with endless possibilities.

TruvisonSmart TV is enabled with exclusive features like:

  • The App Store (Android 4.4) – is a powerful operating system supporting a large number of applications in your smart LED TV. These applications make viewing experience and user interface advanced for you. With Android games you can completely add that spunk to your TV entertainment experience and enjoy the gaming zone. The Android experience gets bigger for you with connecting gaming consoles and inviting your friends over a battle with games, fun and much more.
  • Miracast– With this revolutionizing technology, Mobile phones & Laptops with Miracast feature can be seamlessly connected & we can have all our media in one place. Sharing movies through Miracast is made easy without the hassle of connecting wires. So enjoy connect and share feature with Miracast on your LED Tv’s.
  • Wi-Di –This feature lets you easily stream all the things you love, including HD movies, videos, photos, and music, to your LED TV without baring the burden of any wires from your laptop. With Wi-Di you can now enjoy big screen Television experience in the comfort of your homes.
  • Triple Protector – Your TV’s need a protection layer too. Just the way the name suggests, The Triple protection for the LED TV adds to the sturdiness of the TV by preventing damage from external elements. The Protective layers in the TV help to prevent Lightning Damage, Protection from Humidity and moisture and also curtail damage caused due to power fluctuations.
  • Super Energy Saving This feature not only adjusts the brightness to save power consumption but also has additional features like –
    • FLICKER-SAFE – New dimming technology is applied to minimize the flicker level causing eye fatigue. With almost-zero flicker technology, you’ll be able to watch longer, while consuming minimal power and saving energy.
    • COLOR CALIBARTED Experts have conducted colour calibration tests at the production line for accurate colour. While switching the energy saving mode ON, Our LED/LCD screen provides the most accurate and lifelike colour as per required standards of viewing experience, maintaining a balance in the power consumption.
  • Ultra Slim Bezel – “Bezel” which is nothing but the external frame of the TV screen, brings a sleek element to your TV. With an ultra slim bezel, the TV not only enhances the aesthetic beauty of your home, but also occupies minimal space.
  • SRS– Using a surround sound system in built in your TV, you’ll be able to hear variances in the sound and it will be presented to you from different directions. For example, the car driving off screen will sound like it is coming from the left. While playing a 3D shooter game, the rocket gun blasts sound as if they are being shot from overhead or grenades sound like they are exploding for real.

Experience the thorough entertainment with your ever dreamt Juke Box by Truvison.