Truvison is your one-stop destination for all your electronic needs. We have got you covered for all electronic requirements. Right from Smart TVs, Air Condition, Speaker System, Washing Machine to Refrigerators. We make sure that our customer does not have to wander from shop to shop and gets all that is needed to set up a house at our online store. Visit to buy the latest electronic devices for your house. Whenever we think of setting up a new house our first thought is about Smart TV, air-condition, washing machine, and refrigerator which are the most basic requirement. Truvison truly believes in offering the best products to their customer at the best price with a wide range to select from according to one’s needs. Not only we provide the best electronic products but also the best customer service/ after-sale service. We are with you from the beginning step of purchasing to the end step of after-sale service. Here’s the guide to help you select the best product from the wide range we offer-

Smart TVs
We are one of the best sellers when it comes to Smart TVs. We have something for everyone. Right from TX3272-4K – 32 inches, TX409Z – 40 inches to TX65200-4K. Be it 32 inches Smart TV, 40 inches Smart TV, 50 inches Smart TV, or 65 inches Smart TV, we have got you covered. Truvison’s smart TVs enhance your viewing experience. Watching a movie or your favourite web series just gets better with Truvison’s Smart TV. We know how blue rays from the TV can harm your eyes and hence our Smart TVs come with cornea technology. Our Cornea technology is designed to enjoy a pleasant viewing experience. Our LED TV’s are built with cornea technology to ensure a relaxed movie experience with minimal strain caused to the eye. To increase the viewing experience for our customers our TVs come with TCT. TCT – Tru Color Technology is designed to experience beautiful colours of life. All of our LED TV’s launched with TCT technology provide Rich, Natural, and Pure colours to deliver a realistic and truly amazing viewing experience. So now you know why we excel when it comes to Smart TVs.

Air Conditioner
As we all know air conditioners are a must. Be it office or house we all are habituated to the air conditioner. Buying an air conditioner that is good for the environment and energy saving is important. Truvison provides a range of air conditioners. You can choose from the ZED series, DYNAM INVERTER series, EUPHORIA series, or COMMERCIAL series. Our air conditioners come with TruAer Technology. TruAer Technology is the only doctor for your Air conditioner that takes care of the AC’s overall health, analysis symptoms detected at early stages, and ensures complete well-being by avoiding any major illnesses caused to your cooling unit. It is a cumulated technology which enables Energy Saving, Self-Diagnosis, De-Humidification, and ensures Durability. Some of our best selling’s are TYSD143N (1.0Ton- 3 star), TYSD203N (1.5 T- 3 star). Visit to know more.

Music System
A good set of a speaker system is a must in every house. A good pair of speaker system helps to enhance not only the listening experience but also the viewing experience. Binge-watch your favourite show or binge listen to your favourite song. Truvison’s speaker system comes with Turbotek technology. Turbotek, the only technology with thrilling sound by Truvison. Our products produce a high level of sound that could amaze you with its size. It’s one of its kind sounds that adds impact to all action sequences and brings a rejuvenated power to your music. Our best seller speaker systems are TV-333BT, TV 400BT, TV-7777BT, TV-6055 BT, and many more. Head to our website to know more.

Washing Machine
Washing machines make our life much easier. It takes away our extra efforts of washing clothes. Truvison’s washing machine comes with Power Scrub Technology and Power Jet Motor. The Power Skrub technology is designed to control and balance the scrubbing on clothes based on the fabric material being washed. It ensures your clothes stay protected while the fabric is scrubbed, fighting tougher stains without compromising on hygiene and cleanliness for your clothes. If your Mom’s/Wife’s handwash was the ideal washing for you, this washing machine with PowerSkrub technology will be both you and your Grandma’s favourite as it takes care of your clothes while leaving them with shinier brightness and cleaner whites.
Power Jet Motor
The power jet motor creates an adequate amount of pressure on Fabric to effectively remove dust and stains from clothes. The motor is built with durable and dual protective material to minimalize the sound of the machine while its operation and ensures effective cleaning is delivered. Check out our Galaxy (8.5) – Washing Machine and Terminator (7.5) – Washing Machine.
Truvison truly believes in customer satisfaction. The purpose of each and every product is to provide amazing user experience by delivering superior quality products and technology. Truvison is committed to delivering the best in class quality and services to its valued customers. We believe in being dynamic and hence we are constantly evolving our technology by developing premium quality products.

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