Washing machines are no more a luxury but a common domestic appliance that is found in almost every household. With our busy lifestyles, washing machines are a boon that simplifies our daily chores and grants enough time to engage in other activities that would otherwise be taken by manual laundry. Moreover, the technology of the current age washing machines is made to depend upon the prerequisite of each household whose requirements may vary based on their usage, the family size or capacity.

Truvison’s PowerSkrub Technology is tough on stains and entails you for an easy washing experience. In fact, it blends traditional gentle washing technique with the novelty of the latest technology. This innovation is intended to control and adjust the scouring on garments dependent on the texture material being washed. It guarantees your garments remains like new, while the texture is scoured, battling harder stains without settling on cleanliness and neatness for your garments.

Therefore, it is a wise choice to invest time in researching for the right washing machine that will optimize your task and not burn a hole in your pocket either. Before we delve into the tips of buying the perfect washing machine, let us take a look at the variation in types of machines. Washing machines can be categorized based on Top Loading and Front-Loading machines. Top loaders can further be classified into fully automatic and semi-automatic machines.

Semi-Automatic Top Loader Washing Machine

This type of machine comprises of 2 tubs, one for washing and another one for drying. It takes a manual process to transfer the clothes from one tub to another. It is the most basic of all and costs considerably lesser than its contemporaries.

Fully Automatic Top Loader Washing Machine

This is an all-encompassing washing machine that doesn’t require you to do anything other than loading it up with your laundry and pour in the soap. The washing machine washes rinses and dries out your clothes in one go. Most have the variant functions for different fabric, be it jeans, bedsheets or woollens.

Now that we are aware of the types of washing machines, let us look at the prime factors that we should consider before buying a washing machine.

The Work Needed to be Put In

We reiterate to the types of washing machines in this case. If you are someone who doesn’t like to wait for the washing timer to beep, it is better if you go for a fully automatic washing machine where you needn’t put in the effort and everything will be done at its own accord. It will execute all the processes of washing, soaking, rinsing and drying all on its own without any supervision.

Your only job will be to put in the dirty laundry at the beginning of the process and take out the fresh & clean laundry post the complete  washing. These days, smart washing machines are also gaining approval as they determine the quantity of water and detergent to be used as per the number of clothes instead of opting the pre-set options like small, medium and full water level.

The Power Jet Motor fitted in all Truvison washing machines makes sufficient measure of weight on Fabric to viably expel residue and stains from garments. The engine is worked with strong and double defensive material to minimize the sound of the machine while its activity and guarantees viable cleaning is conveyed.

The Size and Capacity

The laundry needs of a nuclear family are very different from those of a joint family. This brings in the factor of the capacity of the washing machine which will determine the need to buy a particular washing machine. You have chosen the right washing machine if your machine has ample space even after your clothes (regular load) is loaded in the machine. This space is necessary for the rotation that is required for cleaning and drying. Larger the requirement, the larger the machine capacity.

You can go for the unique  Galaxy (8.5) Fully Automatic Washing Maching.

Keep up your garments quality and clean level with recently propelled Truvison’s 8.5kg GALAXY top loading washing machine. This fully automatic washing machine is loaded with highlights that give you an ideal wash each time. It is a comprehensive cleaning appliance for your clothes, complete with Fuzzy Logic, Water sparing Tub and Auto Power Off to wash your clothes effectively and efficiently. With the interesting inbuilt component of Fuzzy LOGIC, it has sensors that screen your wash burden and consistently modify the settings to deliver the most problem-free and prudent wash conceivable.

The Presence of All Required Settings

You should check whether the machine you are putting resources into has satisfactory settings for washing textures running from delicate silks to hard canvas materials in the washer. Be that as it may, imagine a scenario in which the washing machine rubs the delicate cloth shirts with the cruelty it does to the pants or draperies.

In this way, it’s constantly prescribed to check whether the washing machine has appropriate settings or not. You may even get an alternative to set your preferred settings in some completely programmed clothes washers. Additionally, recollect that the turn cycle for slight garments won’t be like pants or floor coverings in this way, check every one of the alternatives and the settings before buying.

For instance, you can hotshot your perfect and clean articles of clothing regularly by washing your clothing in this Truvison Terminator 7.5KG fully automatic washing machine, that is high on utility and easy to maintain. This washing machine is soft on the fabric and tough on stains with settings like Magic Filter, Delay Start, and shut rodent confirmation base, this clothes washer will give incredible washing results while guaranteeing the quality and texture of your garments. With inbuilt and Unique component of Child lock, it enables you to bolt all the keys so your kid does not change the washer’s settings.

The Material of the Washing Tub

Check what the washing drum of the clothes washer is made of. For the most part, it is comprised of treated steel, toughened plastic, or porcelain veneer. Polish rusts and chips, so plastic tubs are viewed as better. If you need the best, go for treated steel tubs. Hardened steel is erosion safe, fit for withstanding high turns and is dependable too.

Safety Features

As you are picking a clothes washer, you should check the security parameters minutely. Here are a couple of things that you should check the following:

  • Child lock
  • Rodent protection
  • Overheating protection
  • Water Level control
  • Auto-restart
  • Foaming over protection

Spin Cycle

This innovation is intended to control and adjust the scouring on garments dependent on the texture material being washed. It guarantees your garments remain safe and quality-wise, top-notch while the texture is scoured, battling harder stains without compromising on cleanliness and neatness for your garments.

Size and Frequency 

Find the surmised weight of your clothing. If you wash stacks day by day, at that point prudent to purchase a bigger burden limit and use it once in three days as it will spare you on your service bills.

Space accessible for establishment

Measure the accessible space with the goal that you can choose onto the elements of the machine. A front loading machine will need space for the entryway swing.

After Sales administrations, Warranty

Do check for the accessibility of administrations in your region. Truvison has over 200 service centre all across India.


Make sure the machine ought to have simple access to Power Supply, water supply, and seepage framework. Some washing machines are also heavily susceptible to voltage fluctuations that can damage the machine beyond repair. Talk to your salesman or technician about such predicament and take appropriate measures.

Financing Your Purchase

Buying a washing machine, especially a fully automatic one is a big capital investment which might take a dip into your savings. However, this shouldn’t deter you from buying the machine of your choice as per your requirement.

Many brands have tied up with banks and financial institutions and offer consumers with easy EMI options at the mere click of a button. These EMI options can be divided into monthly instalments of your choice and can subsequently take off the brunt to help you bring home the washing machine of your choice.

You can easily check the brands and banks offering easy financing option and make a wise choice as per your requirement.

Wrapping Up

Extra highlights are charming and enticing however accompanied included expense. Be certain that you will utilize them. The choice winds up harder with each maker instituting an extravagant language for savvy includes and guaranteeing that their item is the best. Presently, in the wake of perusing this guide, you can stroll into the store unhesitatingly and request what you precisely need without falling prey to a sales rep’s impact. You can also check out the specs of the washing machine online and compare it with those at the showroom for a clearer idea.