Gone are the times when having a television set was considered as a luxury. Television made its way in India back in 1959. At that time the scope of television was very restricted, only educational programmes were broadcasted on fixed days of a week for a few hours. Do you remember your parents telling you how there was only one TV in the whole neighbourhood and everyone used to gather at the person’s house who owned a TV set? Well, the times have definitely changed now with almost everyone having their own TV in their bedroom. We wonder how the evolution of television is so dramatic. From adjusting the antenna for the signal to adjusting the Wi-Fi router for connection, times have changed for good. The old, bulky and fat television has now become modern, compact and slim. This transformation of the television is probably the best thing happened to this generation. The idiot box is no more an idiot, it has become smart now.

Remember how our parents used to restrict us to watch TV for more than a few hours as watching TV for long hours could ruin our eyesight. But that’s not the case anymore, our Truvison Smart LED TVs are built with True color Technology (TCT) it lets you have the most vibrant and vivid picture in each frame. To provide you with the most immersive experience we provide a very life like display. Watch your favourite shows and movies now in ultra-detail on our upcoming – TX4301-4K Soundbar model which is a 43″ model with a super strong inbuilt soundbar.

Let’s be honest we don’t want to miss our favourite series and movies. Our binge-watching habits have grown to a level like never before. But do we realize how much we strain our eyes when we binge-watch that show on our phones or laptops? The radiations emitted from those screens are very harmful to our eyes. The increased interaction with phone and laptop screens has resulted in Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), a condition that damages the eyesight and leads to vision-related problems. Some of the symptoms of this disorder are blurred vision, tired eyes, headaches, neck pain and dry eyes. Hence to avoid such problems we suggest you binge-watch on a bigger and better screen like our Truvison 4K smart LED TV with cornea technology and True color technology which will not strain your eyes and ruin your eyesight but all so provide you with great vivid displays. We understand during this time when the world has been hit by the deadly coronavirus (Covid-19) and everyone is indoors at home, watching a nice movie with family or partner seems like the best option. Connect your internet with the 4k smart TV and be ready with some snacks to binge-watch your favourite show. Also, if you are confused as to which web series you should watch next then here are some recommendations Top 10 Web Series to watch on your Smart TV to help you get through the lockdown.

Today with the world going through such a big crisis of the pandemic coronavirus (Covid-19), our way of living has been changed drastically. Any company or organization, big or small are encouraging their employees to get the work done from home itself. Smart TVs are not limited only for the purpose of providing entertainment but much more than that. With companies opting for work from home for their employees, smart TVs come in very handy and works as a finer substitute of a laptop. Majority of work done on a laptop can be done on a smart TV as well. As one can use Google Chrome through Smart TV, browsing has become very simple. The 4k smart TV viewing won’t create stress on the eyes, unlike a laptop which emits blue light. One can choose from our wide variety of LED TVs like TX3275 – 32-inch LED TV, TX409Z – 40-inch LED TV, TX50201-4K – 50 inch LED TV, and many more.

Not only our smart TVs are convenient for employees but also students. In this era where online learning is becoming a way of life, viewing the lectures on a bigger screen just makes it more engaging and helps to create interest. Students are taking up online courses to upgrade their skills and learning becomes more engrossing on a smart TV. One can surf through the plethora of learning apps available on the Truvison 4k ultra HD smart LED TV to learn a new language, dance style, singing, cooking, the list goes on and on. And that too in the comfort of your own living room or bedroom.

We know every user has different needs and hence we believe that one should get a smart TV that will suit these needs accordingly. Truvison provides a wide range of Smart TVs to choose from. Right from our TW2460 – 24-inch LED TV to TX65200 – 65-inch LED TV.

It’s pretty amusing how TV is much more than just a TV nowadays. There was a time when we had no other option than viewing the movie that was being aired by the channel and then get irritated by the long breaks that were placed just before the climax scene when the suspense was going to be revealed. But luckily that’s not the scenario anymore. Well, thanks to smart TVs now we can watch any movie at any hour of the day without any interruptions of those long irritating breaks. One can surf through unlimited apps like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, JioTV etc. to view their favourite movies and shows. You can refer to our guide for Top 10 best apps for your Smart TV 2020.

The viewing experience has changed beyond words. It’s not just about seeing TV but it’s more about quality viewing. The quality of colours, clarity etc. matters a lot when watching a movie or a show. Our Truvison 4K ultra HD smart LED TV comes with TCT – Tru Color Technology that is designed to experience beautiful colours of life. All of our LED TV’s are launched with TCT technology that provides Rich, Natural and Pure colours to deliver a realistic and truly amazing viewing experience.

When we say Smart TV there is much more than just seeing your favourite shows or movies. Who had ever thought we could do all things on a TV that was only possible to access through a mobile phone or a laptop? The option of internet connectivity opens many doors for users to explore. Experience music like never before. One can listen, spin & sway to their favourite playlist on Spotify which can be directly accessed through your smart Tv.

Not only this magic box gives us a way into the world of music but also social media. Today everyone from the youngest to the oldest member in the family is on social media platforms. Let’s be honest we all are addicted to social media sites. And this lockdown is just adding to the hours we spend on social media. A smart TV enables you to browse apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. on a bigger and better screen.

Well talking about the lockdown, it is not easy to stay away from our loved ones and what keeps us connected is technology. Imagine video calling all your friends and family members on a smart TV, sounds interesting right? Seeing all your loved ones on a big screen in one single frame is bliss and makes your heart happy as nothing else can.

Human beings have become smarter than ever, well that’s how evolution works right? Our mobile phones have evolved into Smart Phones. Our wristwatches have evolved into Smart Watches. But what about our television set? The need of the hour demands Smart TVs. So, if you are still contemplating on whether to buy a Smart TV or not, don’t be confused. Smart TVs are more like a necessity than any luxury in today’s world. Let us help you choose the best Smart TV that will be suitable according to your needs. You can check out The best TV buying guide for the New Year 2020. With all the changes going around and outside us, one smart change in your home can make your life easier and fun.