In 2020 having a smart tv is a must for every house. But how do you select the best one which not only falls in your budget but also has all the latest features? The confusion around buying the best smart TV for your house can be frustrating. There are a few things we recommend you to keep in mind before buying a smart TV for your house.

Well, do not worry we have a guide for you to buy the best smart tv. Think it of as a checklist before making the decision.

Recognize your need for buying a Smart TV-

Firstly, know what is the purpose of buying a Smart TV and who will be the user. These questions are important to ask before buying because it will make it easier for you to know what kind of Smart TV you should be looking for and how you can make the most of it. There are a few parameters on which you can do your comparison. Nowadays having a smart tv has become very essential. It not only serves the basic purpose of viewing television but also a lot more than that. It is your theatre, DJ, desktop, gaming centre, and much more.

What size of smart TV will be suitable for your house?

Take into consideration the size of the television, there are a lot of sizes that are available in the market. You have the option to choose right from 24-inches to till 65 inches. At Truvison, you have the liberty to choose from the following-

TW2460 – 24 inches

Usually, a 24-inch smart led tv is a perfect fit for your bedroom. You can checkout TW2460 – 24 inch or

TW2462 - 24 inch Android Full HD LED TV with inbuilt NES Games - Truvison | Latest LED TV Online at Best Price

TW2462 – 24 inches.

If not a 24-inch tv then you can go for a size bigger that is-

TW3263GS – 32 inch-

TX3271 – 32 inch-

TX3272 – 32 inch-

A 32-inch smart led tv is ideal for small to medium spaced rooms or dining halls.

Which smart tv will fit into your budget?

The pricing factor is one of the most important elements that everyone looks when buying a smart tv. We have seen that people always assume that buying a good smart tv will burn a hole in their pocket which is not true. One can get the latest smart tv with all the latest features at a very affordable price. Truvison provides you with smart tv that will fit in your budget and will be worth spending your money on. All our smart TVs be it 10,000 or 50,000 will offer you the best viewing experience. Most smart TVs in the market are very expensive and we understand that but at Truvison, we believe in offering the best quality, features at a price that is very reasonable and affordable.

What technology does the smart TV offer?

It is very necessary to check what technology does the smart tv offers you? Make sure it is the latest technology that is being used in the smart tv. In our Truvison LED Smart TV, we make use of Cornea Technology. Our Cornea technology is designed to enjoy a pleasant viewing experience. Our LED TV’s are built with cornea technology to ensure a relaxed movie experience with minimal strain caused to the eye. It often happens that due to binge-watching our favourite shows and movies for a long time, our eyes get strained. Not only for us but also the kids of the house it is very harmful to constantly stare at the screen. And hence our cornea technology comes in very handy and useful for a better and relaxed viewing experience that will not strain your eyes in any way or cause any harm to them.

One more important thing to keep in mind before buying the LED Smart TV is the quality. It means it is important to check the screen and picture quality of the smart tv. The colours of the smart tv should be crisp and sharp as it will enhance the viewing experience. Our Truvison LED smart TVs to use TCT technology. TCT – Tru Color Technology is designed to experience the beautiful colours of life. All of our LED TV’s launched with TCT technology provide Rich, Natural, and Pure colours to deliver a realistic and truly amazing viewing experience. Clarity is an important element to look out for while buying a Smart TV.

Does Smart TV support a good sound system?

Buying a good smart tv is necessary but what also matters is the sound quality and sound system that you can attach to it for an improved viewing experience. See to it that your smart tv supports the connection of a good music system. You can checkout Truvison’s sound systems-

A good sound system will enhance the experience of viewing a movie, listening to your favourite playlist, playing games and the list goes on and on.

The next thing to consider while buying a smart tv is the warranty that the company provides. At Truvison, you do not have to worry about the warranty, guarantee, and after-sale service because we believe that the relation with our customer is not limited only till buying the product but even after that. We leave no stones unturned when it comes to delivering service and solving the doubts and queries of our customers.

You can check out some of our favourites LED Smart TVs-

32 inches LED Smart TV is suitable for people who are looking for medium-sized Smart TV for their house. The benefit of having a 32 Inches Smart TV is that it is not too small or too big and gives you a perfect viewing experience without taking up much space.

TW3263GS – 32 inch-

TX3272 – 32 inch-

40 inches LED Smart TV is truly is an ideal size to have. It is perfect for viewing a movie and gives the feel and pleasure of viewing on a screen that is big enough.

TX409ZTS – 40 inch-

Do you know which is our favourite LED Smart TV that gives you the experience of viewing a movie in a cinema hall? The 50 inches and 65 inches LED Smart TV. Both of these sizes of TV offer you the best cinematic experience. The big screens will make you forget the theatre. A pro tip from our side would be to pair them with a sound system. The combination of Truvison’s Smart TV and Truvison’s sound system will provide you with an experience like never before. If you are confused which sound system to buy you can check out-

TX50201 – 50 inch–

TX65200 – 65 inch–

For more details and inquiries, you can visit our website-