Festival of Ganpati is upon us and there is no better time than now to start looking for things to buy during the upcoming festival season in India.

For Indians, Ganesh Chaturthi is an auspicious festival and people start revamping their homes, looking to upgrade their cars, electronic appliances, or gadgets, replacing their old ones with new ones. Also, it is the time when people start looking for gifting solutions for their family and friends.

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought turbulent times in the lives of many but could not dampen the spirit of celebration in Indians. The year 2020 proved to be the biggest and financial success for most e-commerce websites selling consumer electronic products. The electronics market reported a huge growth of about 36% compared to 2019.

People were forced to stay indoors and within the safe and comfortable walls of their homes due to the pandemic and this led to the value realization of the multiple home utility and electronic products. This has created anticipation for higher demands for domestic products such as televisions, washing machines, ACs, and refrigerators, and such. People have understood the importance of quality living and are prepared to spend to have a secure environment in these uncertain times.

With the festive season just round the bend, we have compiled a list of the best electronic products for you to buy.

Smart Television 

Televisions have been an essential part of our lives for generations, entertaining us. With the advancement in technology, televisions have become slimmer and smarter. It is the perfect time to upgrade your old TV into a smarter version which not only entertains but also educates us.

Try Truvison’s TX-55201– 55 inch 4K panoramic Ultra HD LED TV for an experience like none other.

Washing machines

Washing machines have made life easier and changed the way how we did laundry. The pandemic has confined us at our homes and has compelled us to do all our laundry on our own. It is the best time to buy a washing machine for your home (in case you don’t have one) or upgrade to a better version (in case you already have been using one).

Invest in a good quality washing machine brand and at affordable prices at Truvison. Try our Galaxy (8.5) fully automatic washing machine model to maintain the quality and hygiene of your clothes.


It is difficult to imagine a house without a fridge in it, irrespective of the size of the machine. Festivals in India mean a lot of sweets and savouries to store in the fridge and with newer technologies to prevent bacteria and germs from entering our refrigerator units, it is an important factor to create a safe environment for the food we consume.

With festivals around the corner, it is a good time to upgrade your older model into a newer and advanced one to improve not only the quality of life but the safety of the food we eat.

Home theatre system

The pandemic has forced shut down theatres and how badly we miss watching movies at the cinema houses. With quality home theatre systems, watch movies from the OTT platforms with great sound effects and some great family bonding time with awesome movie nights.

Looking for an awesome home theatre system at the most affordable prices? Look no further. Try Truvison’s TV-777BT for unbeatable music and sound quality.

Air conditioners

With the deadly Coronavirus infecting the air around us, it is imperative to keep the air clean and purified at all times to avoid contamination by the deadly virus. Opting for an AC model such as TYSD203N from the house of Truvison makes it easier to keep the air clean with its anti-bacterial filters and dehumidification feature that eliminate the need for a separate air purifier machine.

Festivals bring cheer and happiness to our lives and there can be no better time to bring a happy change within our households. Upgrading and changing for the better is always good to improve the quality of our lives.

Festivals give the perfect opportunity to invest in quality and upgraded electronic products for your homes and offices and it is time you bring in that improvement in your life.

For the best and most affordable consumer electronic products for the upcoming festive season, log onto www.truvison.com and find the perfect products for your home.