Now say yes to Television with Truvison and its cornea technology.

It’s time for you to transform the way you experience home entertainment with Truvison’s Technology. It’s a novel experience that Truvison televisions deliver, with special features like the Cornea Technology, designed especially for you, that enables you to have a delightful and soothing viewing experience.

Truvison also offers you the future-ready Smart Television with features which enables you to browse through your favourite android apps with excellent audio and visual quality.

It’s time to unveil our Cornea technology!

Here is what you need to know about Cornea Technology –

1) A pleasant viewing experience – With the latest technical development, the cornea technology is designed to offer a better viewing experience for the viewers. Our LED Tv’s are built with cornea technology to ensure a relaxed movie visual.

2) Minimal strain to your eyes – The Truvison LED Televisions cause minimal strain to your eyes as the Cornea technology acts as a catalyst in controlling the radiation from the screen.

3) Balances the emitted light – The main function is to balance the emitted light from the television and synchronize the colours of the picture in order to enrich the complete visual ambience.

4) Better Display Resolution – Truvison Televisions offer more number of pixels in each dimension of display, and this helps in a better visual experience for its users. Truvison strives to make it a better viewing experience for its users.

5) Brightness adjustments – The brightness or the luminance of Truvison Televisions can be adjustable. This feature gives the user the flexibility to adjust the brightness according to the convenience. Truvison makes sure that the users have an ultimate experience while enjoying the Television.

6) Truvison cares for your sensitive eyes – And the Cornea technology works effectively in controlling the radiation from the screen, thus enriching the complete viewing ambience.

Cornea Technology is the future of Television. Truvison understands it and makes it a better experience for its users. So Think Cornea..Think Truvison and have a joyful viewing experience in the comfort of your homes.