The evolution of televisions has been remarkable from a huge contraption that required turning wheels to watch the images and pictures to huge flat screens and direct image transfer via the DTH and features that make TV watching experience by itself. What was considered impossibility once has been turned into a reality. Televisions of older generations were huge and screens were as small as three inches and slowly inching bigger in sizes and today, we cannot imagine what it was once to watch pictures in a smaller screen, our televisions have multiplied in size be hundreds and width and size has shrunk by the same hundreds. Most consider the evolution of televisions the biggest and the fastest transformation in the world of entertainment technology.

Televisions have become smart, just like our smartphones. They are not only capable of showing movies, songs, and shows that are transmitted by the cable providers and operators or DTH providers. Television sets have revolutionized and become capable of transforming themselves into a big-screen entertainment wand that allows us to watch shows, movies, games, music, stream live videos, surf the internet, and so many other things with the help of apps that can be easily loaded onto them. Internet connectivity and other features have opened a world of entertainment and have turned the so-called ‘dumb’ TVs into really smart ones.

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The Cornea technology fitted in the Truvison television sets works to soothe your eyes and prevent them from straining while watching.

Truvison’s TX65200 – 65 inch (priced at ₹94,990 only) is 4k ultra HD smart LED TV which enhances your TV watching experience and makes watching movies, shows, and programs an experience one can never get over. Fit your TV with the latest apps to make it more enhanced and smarter than it was before. This TV comes with many inbuilt apps and allows you to add apps of your choice too.

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The TX65200 – 65 inch TV has a luminous panel, miracast, Slim Line Bezel, Android Airfly Mouse, Android OS and allows USB to USB copy function.

Still, wondering which apps should you install on your TV to improve your entertainment quotient by multitudes? Well, we are here to guide you and have brought you the best 10 TV apps for your smart TV this 2020.

  1. Netflix

Undoubtedly the pioneers in the video streaming industry, Netflix is simply the must-have app for any smart TV. It started with the concept of live video streaming and has brought forward a hoard of shows, movies, and series that enthral and transfix viewers worldwide. With an amazing collection of movies, shows, and series, Netflix has been ranked among the top apps that are both Android and iOS compatible. It has also started its production and come out with gems like the Stranger Things, Orange Is the New Black and Black Mirror.

New to video streaming? What better way to start than Netflix?

  1. YouTube

Everyone who uses a smartphone is aware of the YouTube app and what it is all about. The video gallery app is among the best in the world and hardly is matched by other apps in the same category.

Watching a movie or a video on a huge screen offers an experience like none other and watching movies using the YouTube app is again an experience like none other. Many production houses have their channels on the YouTube app and stream their movies on this official platform and you can stream the movies officially and at great picture quality, absolutely free.

The plus point of this app is that even if your internet connection is a little slow, it can still stream videos in HD quality with ease.

  1. Amazon Prime Video

We are always buying at Amazon, aren’t we? Amazon Prime is another offering by the same brand where the viewers get to watch a host of movies, originals and shows at a very reasonable cost. Unlike other apps in the same category where the viewers are forced to take up the membership at the beginning of the app, Amazon Prime allows its viewers to have a view of its offerings and decide if they like what is offered and the viewers can pay for the membership only if they like the shows and movies offered on the app.

Some of the best Amazon Prime Originals include The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel, the Jack Ryan series, The Family Man, Patriot, Made in Heaven among others.

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  1. DittoTV

Launched by the Zee Entertainment Enterprises, DittoTV is the latest offering in the world of on-demand video streaming world. For the Indian movie and TV shows buffs, it is the best that is available that allows 100+ channels and shows. It allows distribution of the content over various gadgets such as the tablets, smartphones, laptops, and TVs and it is available in Hindi, English, and other regional languages at a nominal cost.

Available in Google Play and iTunes store.

  1. JioTV

Launched by the Reliance telecommunications, JioTV is available for everyone with Jio subscription. It has a host of 600+ live channels and is available on both Android and iOS devices. The app consists of shows of different categories such as devotional, infotainment, news, kids, entertainment, educational, lifestyle, movies, music, and sports. It is available in English, Hindi, and other regional languages and can put most DTH service providers to shame for its sheer content on its platform. The app allows one to pause and view later the live Shows and one can continue watching the shows and videos on other devices too.

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  1. SlingTV

One of the most smartly made and sleek looking application perfectly made for a TV screen is the SlingTV which comes with a host of channels ranging from news, to business to entertainment to sports and lifestyles and includes channels such as the ESPN network, NFL, The Food Network, CNBC, BBC, and many more. It provides the viewers with the ease to change between channels just like a TV set and is great for Live TV watching.

  1. VLC

A well-known and well-used video playing app, VLC player is a must for your smart TV if you like watching videos stored in your gallery. It supports videos in almost every video format and also plays videos written in, again almost, every code. It is perfect for Android TVs and can segregate your videos in subcategories on its own to make your task of segregating them yourself easier.

  1. Spotify

Love listening to some good music? Spotify the answer to all your music-related needs. Stream live music on to your smart TV set directly and experience music like never before. The app offers free services to viewers but one can avail added benefits with premium membership such as no ads and unlimited track skipping. Club your smart TV with the best music system for LED TV and enjoy quality music experience.

Try Truvison’s TV-6055 BT (priced at ₹7,490 only) for an exceptional music listening experience with your smart TV music apps.

  1. Google Chrome

Having a web browser on your smart TV doesn’t sound too useful, does it? Why does my smart TV need to search the internet and why a web browser is needed when I have a phone, most people ask. The answer is very simple; it helps you to browse the internet and access the social media platforms through your television screens and makes it easy for you to find something that you wish to see on your TV and are unable to find it.

  1. Kodi

One of the best media centre applications that are available today, Kodi helps in managing all your media in one central location and allows you to access them remotely. It helps in centralizing the media and also sub-categorizes them in an order of your choice and makes your task of looking for the particular media files easy and simple.

Watching TV is no longer the same as before, it has changed, and changed for the better. Apps make watching TV better and the experience has also improved and become spectacular.

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