Smart TVs have revolutionized the way we watch television. We are no longer limited to the rigid timelines of broadcasting channels or subjected to the hassles set to boxes. With the help of Smart TVs, we are able to modulate what we want to watch without resorting to the clock or schedules. However, this is not all that your Smart TV can do for you. Bet you were unaware of the following 10 things that you didn’t know your Smart TV could do.

Live Streams: Stay in Tune with the Recent Developments As They Happen

While you are probably aware of the connection between streaming plug-ins and your smart TV that let you watch your favourite shows, did you know that you can watch live feeds as well? A plug-in can help you watch you live videos on YouTube or even Facebook, right on your TV. However, remember to optimize your viewing experience with special Cornea Technology and Tru Colour Technology (TCT) by Truvison that taps into the the pictures’ natural colour element and amplifies the image on your screens.

TX55201 - 4K 55 inch Panoramic UHD LED TV India - LED TV Online at Best Price | Truvison

You can make the most of your live streams with the Truvison’s LED T.V.- TX55201- Android Smart that makes sure that your pictures and live stream do not have a speck of blurred elements. With 4x the clarity, you can be well assured of high-quality picture detail, fine images and vibrant colours that will make your viewing experience unforgettable. Check out the features that enable this top-notch viewing calibre.

  • 4K Ultra HD
  • Luminous Panel
  • Miracast
  • Inbuilt Apps
  • De-Interlace
  • USB to USB Copy Function
  • Slim Line Bezel
  • Android Airfly Mouse
  • Android OS


Health Partner

Not able to make it to the gym but have a smart TV? You’re covered! Smart TVs have apps that are developed to achieve your fitness and training goals. Connect it to the internet to view relevant apps that can help you get in shape. You can connect your Truvison LED T.V.– TX5067-SMART50 

TX5067 - 50 Inch Full HD LED TV India - HD LED TV Online at Best Price | Truvison

With your Wi-Fi and skim through a sundry of apps that will inspire you to shake it up, ergo, get in shape.

You can enjoy the benefits of Truvison LED T.V TX5067 SMART50 on its widescreen that offers an unmatched clarity to the viewers. Backed by high resolution, the Full HD channels make sure that your viewing experience is never blurry. Talk about getting that exercise moves right!

Key Features

  • 4K Ultra HD
  • VR Support
  • LED Active
  • Quick Launch
  • Colour Spectrum Control
  • Auto Turn off Tab
  • 3 HDMI Ports
  • USB to USB Copy Function
  • 2 USB Input


Get Recommendations

On the off chance that you have your smart TV connected to the internet, you’ll have the option to perceive what other individuals have as of late viewed and also, check out their suggestions. You can view what various shows and motion pictures have been appraised, and you can even get recommendations on various applications depending on what you’ve viewed and how you’ve rated those shows/movies.

AI plays a great role in collating these choices and recommendations as it studies your viewing patterns, your engagement and as a result, displays choices that will suit your taste better. No more scouring across the channels to guess what you might like.


These suggestions are typically spot-on, as well, and can enable you to find programs, motion pictures, entertainment shows, and different things that you never knew existed and which might ignite the film critic in you.



Turn Your Chromecast into Gaming Console

Would you believe us if we told you that you can convert your Smart TV into a gaming console with nothing much but the apps available? True it won’t have the intrinsic modality of games like the APEX legends or Fortnite (which need the backing of certain external connections), but you can pass the time with simpler, yet engaging games that you can install from the apps. Give such games try by simply installing them via your play store or app store! Some games can be played with the help of your TV remote (which might be difficult to get used to initially), while for some, you might need a Dualshock 3 or 4 controller which is compatible with a console-less system.

How about you give Truvison’s TX50101 4K Android Smart a try as your gaming partner. It has the visual clarity, the seamless integration capability, and hardware compatibility to make your gaming session, the most engaging. Some of its features are:

  • Full HD Viewing
  • De-Interlace
  • Miracast
  • Inbuilt Apps
  • Inbuilt Wi-Fi
  • USB to USB Copy Function
  • 3 USB Ports
  • 3 HDMI Ports
  • 4K Ready
  • Android OS



FM Radio Anyone?

In the age of instant music platforms, we have lost the resonance with FM Radio. Though the contemporary platforms are great and easy to use, radio can also be an important part in fine tuning our music tastes or listen to shows. Allow a smart TV to connect you with FM radio without the hassles of the old-timer antenna box. Install radio or podcast centric apps, and hook them up with your smart TV with a more gratifying experience.


Easy Access to Social Media

Most of us are social media aficionado and often cannot stay from the platforms for more than a couple of hours. Smart TVs further help bridge the gap by enabling easy connection with platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Sure, the experience on these is not as nimble as on smartphones or laptops, but it is easy to just browse through your feed or maybe stalk your friends. To each his own. Moreover, the smart TV can also mirror through the laptop or tablet which provides easy access to view things on the computer.

How about you give Truvison’s LED T.V.–TX65100-Android smart a chance for your diverse demands. With 4 X the clarity of a full HD TV, the viewing experience undoubtedly reaches an unmatchable stage. The clarity experienced is more than real, as the pictures are denser with finer detail. With multiple pixels in an image, a close watching will also not hinder your movie watching experience. Tune into the numerous apps and the 4K HD channels around you, it can all now be at your disposal.


Key Features

  • 4K Ultra HD
  • Luminous Panel
  • Miracast
  • Inbuilt Apps
  • USB to USB Copy Function
  • Slime Line Bezel
  • Android Airfly Mouse
  • Android OS


Silent Partner: Regulate Audio from Your Device

Suddenly the TV volume went up and the remote is nowhere to be found! No stress. You can regulate the audio from your device while streaming the device on your Smart TV. You can also work on other modalities like the brightness just by using your device.


Web Browsing

Web browsing, though is known to be done on laptops and tabs, try exploring this on a larger than life scale on your widescreen TV. Hook up your smart TV with your laptop with an HDMI cable and “mirror” the activity on the big screen. You can, of course, browse the web or watch your favourite shows and movies via Amazon Prime or Netflix or any other platform.

Many Smart TVs are equipped with a built-in browser, which makes it easier to search the internet without any computer at all. Though it is highly tedious to switch from laptop to TV for browsing, you can navigate the latter with a remote control in case your trusty laptop or tablet is nowhere to be found.

TX5579 - 55 Inch Android Smart Full HD LED TV India - HD LED TV Online at Best Price | Truvison

You can put this idea to test via the highly reliable LED T.V.–TX5579- Smart Series 55 by Truvison. It is the epitome of a vibrant combination of colour, brightness, and detail to every visual will enhance your viewing experience.

Key Features

  • Smart TV
  • App Store (Android 4.3)
  • Cornea Technology
  • Full HD
  • Miracast & WI-Fi
  • Super Energy Saving
  • Ultra Slim Bezel
  • Wide Color Enhancer
  • Dynamic Contrast Ratio –300000:1
  • Triple Protector
  • SRS
  • 2 HDMI


Business Sidekick

While your Smart TV perfectly fulfils your entertainment needs, it can also double up as a business partner as a platform for your business communications. Your Smart TV allows you to stream presentations from your phones or tablets seamlessly. Smart TVs can be put up in conference rooms to execute a large scale presentation.


Local Weather Informant

Link your Smart TV with the weather apps on your phone and have regular updates on the TV and know exactly what to expect for the rest of the day.


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