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For the best DJ speakers & professional audio power, clarity and versatility Truvison DJ speakers are a true Value purchase. Our Speaker system is as “user-friendly” as possible with no compromise in performance. Truvison DJ Powerhouse Series Powered Speakers surely accomplishes all of the above and also more. Lightweight and versatile, the DJ Powerhouse Series is perfect for virtually any situation such as Weddings, Dance performances, Get together, Parties, etc.where good sound output is needed. The DJ POWERHOUSE SILVER SERIES – TV-10400 powered speakers can be configured in a variety of ways. Our 300W speaker offers incredible performance at an unparalleled price. Experience club sound with the DJ Powerhouse Series Powered Speakers for every occasion.

Buy the Truvison 300 Watts Party Speaker which offers you with awesome music experience by providing you with surround sound quality that you can never move on from. The DJ POWERHOUSE SILVER SERIES – TV-10400 delivers an incredible audio experience and sparkling sound. The speakers’ sound is backed up by a robust battery, ensuring that you may listen to music without interruption. Battery backup for up to 6 hours. It connects 2 Wireless Gold microphones with UHF (ultra-high frequency). The speaker may be easily connected to your PC, laptop, tablet, game console, or mobile phone via Port. It has multiple connectivity options such as USB, Bluetooth, SD, MMC, and AUX IN and individual volume, bass, and high pitch controls.

  • Built-in amplifier
  • 1Pc High Frequency Wireless Mic included
  • R.M.S – 300W
  • DSP Effect
  • Driver unit: (Double 10″+tweeter)x2
  • Frequency: 40Hz~20KHz
  • 7 Bands Equalizer
  • Bass and treble adjustable
  • Karaoke function
  • 2 Microphone input
  • Guitar Input
  • LED display
  • Remote Control

4 ohm





Output Power




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