An Overview of Our Products - Truvison

An Overview of Our Products

An Overview of Our Products
December 15, 2016 Truvison

We all use different types of home appliances every day. So, why not use the best? The cutting edge technology used in all of Truvison’s products redefine your entire experience.

What does Truvison offer and how is it different:

  • LED TV’s with Cornea technology

Truvison’s LED’s with Cornea technology are carefully designed especially for the eyes. The technology helps reduce strain on the eyes and helps us help you, stay Tru to your vision.

  • Music System with Turbotek

Music systems are incorporated with Tru Turbotek technology. Experience the feel of music which won’t disappoint you at any level.

  • DVD players

Designed for convenience, use our DVD players with USB drives and SD cards. Watch your favorite movies the way you want.

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